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Water fun!

 The glorious heat wave that we have had recently decided to have a break today therefore the water fun that we had planned for outside had to be altered. The children still enjoyed exploring water including frozen water and had fun with various activities set out inside.

Fire, Fire!

 The local fire station kindly sent a fire engine to visit us today and the children were able to learn about the different equipment that it held on an engine. The children were amazed at all the different jobs that the service is called out to, not just fires. The children did manage to get wet outside as the firemen helped them use the hose. We also got to sit in the cabin and try on their masks before hearing the loud siren as they left. Thank you so much to our local heroes.

I am a fire fighter!

Stonehurst Farm 2018

We have had an amazing day at the farm today. The children have loved looking at all the animals up close and have really enjoyed the hands on experience that Stonehurst Farm has to offer. Please enjoy the pictures below and ask your child to tell you about their visit.

Are we ready? Yes we are!


Meet the animals.

Tractor Ride.

Cuddle Corner.

Meet and greet the animals.


We enjoyed a picnic in the sun with our friends.

Fun in the park.

The children kicked off their shoes and socks and had fun in the sand and on the various fun activities.

More cuddles with the animals.


Swing rope fun.

Afternoon Tea.

What a glorious day we have had for our afternoon tea party with parents. The children enjoyed making sandwiches and decorating cakes to share with loved ones. We also had some great artists that designed fantastic teapots and cups to decorate the tables with. We made the most of the fantastic weather and encouraged parents to join in with fun and games before sharing our food and tea with them.

A Pirate's Life for Me!


The children have had lots of fun at our Pirate School today. They began the day by sliding into school ready to begin our pirate 'chores'. The children then went off to explore the different 'chores' set out both inside and outside.

Enjoying the pirate wake and shake dance.
Role play with the pirate ships.
Searching for buried treasure.
Making pirate hats.
Looking for jewels.
How do I look?
Look we found a chest of treasure outside.
Making pirate friends.
Sharing the treasure with other crew.
Ship Ahoy me hearties!
More treasure found outside.
Making our own ships.
Oh arrrrr we are scary pirates!
Come on board The Jolly Bakewell.
The children then stopped to have a healthy snack with other shipmates. We were lucky to get fruit and not stale biscuits! We want to be fit and healthy for our Captain.
The children the enjoyed going on a Pirate Trail around the school grounds looking for picture clues to tick off on our charts.
Finally the children had all graduated from Pirate School and Mr Bishop was able to give them a certificate.

Congratulations to shipmates REO!

I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!


The children are really enjoying the story of 'Three Little Pigs' and have been busy making their own houses with large boxes and tape. The children have also been trying to blow houses down like the wolf. Before they could have fun huffing and puffing, the children had to predict which house they thought would not blow down.

As part of their homework children were asked to make a new home for the 3 Little Pigs. I am blown away with the models the children have brought in so far. Alot of creative fun has happenend at home and I would like to thank parents for their support in this.

Having fun building homes on a larger scale.


The Royal Wedding.


The children have been quite keen to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Meghan this week. The children were given the task of being royal caterers, dress designers, invitation and card designers as well as guests and guards for the wedding. We watched some children help organise their parents wedding and saw the happy couple get married. The children were then keen to set up a wedding party in the classroom.

Jack and the Beanstalk.


Fee fi fo fum watch out giant here we come!

The children have really enjoyed listening to this story. They have been busy role playing the story outside with Mrs Carter and creating wonderful storymaps inside. The children have thought about what they would like to find at the top of their magical beanstalk.

Some children have been busy planting seeds at home too.
The children also enjoyed counting how many bugs got caught in the Giant's snot!

Watch me grow.


The children have really been interested in watching the life cycle of a frog unfold before their eyes! I managed to get some frog spawn and the children have been watching the spawn hatch and tiny tadpoles come out. We have noticed how they grow back legs first and then their front legs. The children were overjoyed when eventually they grew into tiny froglets. It was time to say goodbye to our littlr friends ans they needed to be released back into their ponds.

We have been fortunate enough to take a sneaky peak at some baby chicks that have hatched this morning at Playgroup. They look so cute and fluffy. We cannot wait to see how they change over the next few days.

Easter Extravaganza!


 The children have really enjoyed a fun filled day being very crafty! They have used a huge variety of different skills today as they explored a range of different arts and crafts activties set up. The children from Year 1 and Reception joined forces today and were able to move around the activities set up in each classroom as well as the outdoor classroom. What made the morning more enjoyable for many children was the opportunity to share this experience with their family. It was really nice to see so many parents and grand parents join in.

 The children will be learning more about some of the traditions surrounding the celebration of Easter by Christians around the World.



I'm sad to say but we have had a theft in REO! Someone has eaten the chocolates I had bought to share with the class. I asked for CCTV footage and was surprised to see who it was.


Looks like we will have to go on a bear hunt!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


The children have really taken to this story and are having great fun with it. You must ask your child to re tell the story with the fab actions they have created. It is a story that will stay with you forever and one of my favourites too!

In the outdoor classroom the children have loved re living the story in 3D and are great at using the phrases from the book as they walk through the various parts of the story

World Book Day!


It was great to see all the children dressed up as some of their favourite book characters. The children looked amazing and lots of fun was had as we met lots of different book characters throughout the day.

We began the day with a stay and explore session with a focus on reading. Parents were invited to join their child with a variety of reading activities set up in the provision.

Share a story with the characters.
Sort the pirate coins into real and nonsense words
Read and match the captions.
Match the word to the picture.
Thank you to parents who came and joined their child with lots of reading activities in the provision. We had lots of positive feedback and hope you went away with ideas on supporting your child at home.
The children were very fortunate to have a visit from a local author Rachael Greaves. She talked about how she used real life experiences to give her ideas on stories to write and she has written and illustrated several books about the adventure of Ruffle the dog. She read 'Ruffles the Rail Dog' and brought it to life with her excellent story telling skills, along with some great props. The children were mesmerised and enjoyed her story.

Can you guess which book character we are?


Teddy Bear's Picnic


If you come into our class today, you're sure for a big surprise!

The children have really enjoyed sharing their classroom with the bears. They have been busy following instructions on how to make some yummy jam sandwhiches to share with their bears. The children were using good langauge whilst instructing each other  in their sandwhich making and talked about the different fillings they enjoy. We hope they can give you clear instructions the next time you make a sandwhich.

Winter Wonderland


The children have been enjoying their new topic this term and the weather has been a great help in teaching them about the changes in the season of Winter.

Topic map Winter Wonderland

Take a closer look at the fantastic artwork that the children have produced. They have painted friends for Olaf the Snowman. Each one is unique and special just like each one of us.


We would like to thank you for supporting your child with their homework and making the fab Stick Man characters. They are all amazing.

We're going on a baby hunt!


 Wow, what can I say, the children in reception have made us all extremely proud! Each child really blossomed as the practises and rehersals went on over the past couple of weeks and on the day of the performance, they shone like the stars they truelly are. There wasn't a dry eye left by the end of the Nativity, and that was just the staff! The children are a real credit to the school and we have thouroughly enjoyed the first term together.


Look below to find your little star.

Do you want to build a snowman?


Brrr it was a cold and snowy morning today at Robert Bakewell Primary School. We were some of the few who had braved the weather to get into school. The grounds were covered in soft crunchy snow and the field looked like it had a blanket of snow. There was only one place that the children wanted to be and that was outside! (The staff wanted to be inside with hot cup of chocolate!) The children wraped up in their winter finery and got ready to explore the white winderness outside.

The children rushed outside to be the first to leave their footprints in the crisp white snow. Children found it a little tricky to make a snowman as the snow was so powdery but had fun trying.

It's Time to PARTY!


The children have had a wonderful time at our Christmas party. Not only did we look fab in our party clothes but boy can we move and groove to the disco music.

Here are some more groovers and movers.
We also had a special visitor who decided to gate crash the party! Can you guess who it is?
We also played a game of dress the Snowman. Obviously we couldn't bring in a real snowman so we had to improvise and use some teachers instead! The children had to take it in turns and roll the dice. If you landed on a 6 then you could get an item of clothing and dress the snowman. The best team won! Can you guess which class that was!!! The children thought it was funny dressing the adults in funny outfits. Judge for yourselves.
We ended with some real all action party songs such as the 'Birdie song...Aga do...Superman...cha cha slide and oops up side your head.'



The children have heard lots of stories about the character of Elmer and enjoyed listening to all the antics he got up to. They have used good describing words to tell a friend what some of the different elephants looked like that Mrs Odedra had found on the internet.


The children have also enjoyed experimenting with colour in art and are able to talk about the different colours created when we mix two colours together. They also had fun making friends for Elmer from old milk bottles. Come and meet them in the classroom.


Children in Need 2017!


Thank you to all the parents and children in supporting the school to help raise money towards this good cause.The children are developing a good understanding of how we can help others around us. Come and enjoy the photograph's below.

Numbers, numbers everywhere!


The children went on a walk around the school in search of numbers. It was amazing to see so many numbers around us and some were in unusual places too. The children are becoming better at saying the digits that they can see. Try and spot numbers when you walk home or go out in the car, you will be amazed at how numerical the world is.

Should have gone to Specsavers!


Last week Miss Compton had organised for her friends from Specsavers to come in and speak to the children. We read some stories about characters who had difficulties in doing their every day tasks because they wouldn't wear their glasses. We talked about the importance of getting our eyes tested. The ladies that came in told the children all about what to expect when having an eye test. They brought in lenses and frames for the children to look at and try on. The children then used lots of fun stickers and colours to create some fantastic funky glasses. Have a look below.

If your child has not had their eyes tested yet, please get them checked by one of the many wonderful opticians available in Loughborough. It is free for children and does not take long.

Remembrance Day


The children have been learning all about why we wear red poppies this time of the year. Some children knew that it was to remember those who had died in wars. I asked the question what the term remembering meant and Ben came up with a fantastic definition,

"It's when we think about what we have been doing in the past." Wow Ben, what a good definition. The children have been making thier own poppies to wear.

Autumn Walk

It was a cold and frosty morning, there was a slight chill in the air. There were small signs that Jack Frost had been about as the grass sparkled with cold frost. The children were set a mission. Can we find Autumn? The children wrapped up warm and got their detective hats on and went outside in search of clues.

The children began by finding sticks and writing their name in the frosty grass.

The children went on to observe what they could see around them. Children had spotted that the trees were loosing leaves, leaving a crunchy carpet on the floor. The leaves were yellow, orange, brown and red. The children noticed that leaves were different on different trees, some were small, spiky or big and long. The children observed that a couple of trees still had their green leaves and learnt that these were called evergreens. The class had fun collecting leaves to make leaf crowns and we took some of the larger ones back to class to use in our artwork.
I think that the best part of the Autumn Walk was throwing and kicking the leaves!

Happy Diwali

 The children have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They have heard the story of how Hanuman helped Rama rescue Sita from the 10 headed demon Ravana and have been learning about some of the traditions and customs linked to this festival. The children have been looking forward to our Diwali day and could not wait to celebrate with their friends in REH. We opened up the doors to make a big classroom and with the help of lots of adults, we were able to provide lots of fun activites for the children to explore.  The children were able to dress up in traditional clothes, try some spicy and sweet treats, make cards and diva lamps, decorate mendhi hands, dance and play instruments outside, make giant rangoli patterns and even have a go at making their own roti!

We would like to thank all of the parents that were able to come in and join their children during the day and we hope you had as much fun as we did. For those parents that could not make it, please enjoy the pictures below and ask your child to tell you all about this colourful festival.

Our new topic this term is A Colourful World. Please see the topic map below.

Harvest Assembly

The children were amazing in their Harvest assembly. They spoke up and sang beautifully in front of the whole school. They did not show any signs of nerves, unlike thier teachers! The children have enjoyed learning actions to the story of The Little Red Hen, which they performed to the whole school. Please ask them to share this with you.

Thank you very much for all the harvest donations. These have been passed on to help others locally.

Making Bread

In addition to learning to re tell the story of The Little Red Hen, the children have enjoyed making bread with Mrs Perry. We did not need to grow the wheat or grind the wheat to make flour like in the story but we did have to make the dough and knead it well before it could be baked. Our classroom smelt lovely and the bread was tasty.


In preperation for Harvest, the children have been looking closely at apples. We have explored the different types of apples by looking at the different colours they have and then tasting some of the different varieties. We have tasted cooked and raw apples and talked about the different textures they have. The childen used some wonderful language to describe the apples such as, crunchy, hard, sweet, juicy and wet! The childern also took a closer look inside at teh different parts of apples. We then used the apples to make repeating patterns. The children also harvested apples from our grounds and with some help from Mrs Carter and friends we made some tasty fresh apple juice.

Fruit Salad

Apples were not the only fruits we looked at. The children had lots of fun making their own tasty fruit kebabs with Miss Mistry. The children also enjoyed listening to the story of Handa's Surprise and discussing their favourite fruits.

Fab Phonics

The children have been working hard on learning their phonics and have been doing really well. Already we can see so much improvment in their letter formation and sound recognition. If you would like to support your child at home with reinforcing their learning of sounds, please search for Jolly Phonics phase two sounds on you tube. Remember that each week we will inform you of the sounds we have learnt in your child's home link book.

Funny Faces

The children have beel learning about the marvellous machine that is the Human Body. We have been learning the names of main body parts and what is found inside the body. The childen are developing their drawing skills when asked to draw a person and have also had lots of fun creating funny faces on the Interactive White Board.
Our topic is Marvellous Me. Please read the topic plan below.
As part of our work on The Sea Side, Miss Hogg invited a visitor from the RNLI to come and speak to the children about water safety. The children listened well to information given and were able to give good clear advice on how to stay safe to Teddington Bear.


Our First Few Weeks

The chidren have settled in really well to their new class. They have become familiar with the routines and expectations of being at 'big school' and are enjoying the challenges set each day. Here are some photographs of what the children have enjoyed over the first few weeks. Please take time to talk to your child about what they have been learning at school.
Mark making.
Play dough fun.
Playing at the sea side.
Forming numbers and letters.
Playing games with friends.
Being creative.
Building with construction toys.
Cutting and sticking.
Building sandcastles.
Model making with friends.
Sharing stories.
Catching fish and crabs.
Building boats with construction toys
 Look at how smart we look in our school uniforms. Sorry to say that we will not always stay this clean throughout the day as we have lots of fun with our learning, often this can get messy!

Hello to REO

Say cheese! Class REO 2017-2018

Welcome to your first year at Robert Bakewell Primary School.

Jurassic Park comes to REO!


The children have really enjoyed our topic on Dinosaurs. We began the topic with the descovery of a giant egg left in our outdoor area. Some children felt it belonged to a big bird whilst others said it was a dragon or dinosaur egg! We made careful observations each day.

Each day the children listened out for any signs of life. They asked me to write to experts to see if they could help determine the type of egg it was.

Leo looks a little worried!

After the weekend, the class returned to find that something had escaped from the egg. We searched around but couldn't spot anything. It was Mr Simpson who spotted something on the cctv. It was a baby dinosaur! Fortunately it was a Diplodocus, which is a herbivore, so we knew we were safe.  We wrote to Andy, the dinosaur expert, to see if he could come and try to capture it.

Shape Dinosaurs.

The children made dinosaurs using 2D shapes. Can you name the shapes they have used?

Here is our new topic map for this half term;

Fantastic Homework


 I would like to thank parents for their support with the outstanding dinosaur homes that have been made. The children were good at explaining what materials were used and how they made the homes. Well done to you all. I apologise if your model is not in the photographs, it just means you were absent when photographs were taken. I will add them in soon.

Fee Fi Fo Fum I spy trouble in REO!

We enjoyed listening to and watching different versions of the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We thought it would be a good idea to plant our own magic beans to see what would happen. Low and behold a giant beanstalk has grown!
Do be careful as you enter the outdoor area as the Giant has set up camp there. He has left a note asking the children to watch over his belongings so that Jack does not steal any more of his things.
Seeing the size of this beanstalk got the children wanting to grow more, so each child has helped plant seeds both in the inside and outside classrooms. The children are also getting better at giving clear instructions on how to plant seeds.
Having fun building the Giant's castle in fluffy clouds.
We were very fortunate last week to have a visit from Snap, Crackle and Pop. Three young Polish hen chicks, thanks to Lily-Grace and her mum. They kindly allowed the young chicks to spend the day at school. The children were very interested in the chicks and asked lots of questions. They also looked closely at some eggs that were raw and then some that were boiled. We talked about the similarities and differences between them.

Easter Craft Day.

Today we opened our doors to all the children in the new build. The children from all four classes were invited to take part in various craft based activities and fun in all the classrooms and the outdoors too. Parents were invited to come along and join in with the fun. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Spring is in the air!

Class REO were set a mission. They had to go out and explore their local area and find clues that showed it was Springtime. They went for a walk to the woods on a bright sunny morning. They noticed that the area had changed from when we walked around during Autumn. The trees no longer had red, brown and yellowing leaves. Instead we saw beautiful blossom and tiny green buds and leaves growing. The children also spotted pretty daffodils and tulips growing in gardens. Whilst in the woods we found badger sets.

The children used some fantastic phonic skills to decode words found on lamb cards and then used these words in oral sentences. They also had to work as a team and hunt for number eggs and create a class number line.

The chlidren made the most of their time outdoors and enjoyed their time at the park. We would like to thank our parent volunteers that came with us.

Ship Ahoy!

The children were set the challenge to make a boat from reclaimed materials that would float in water. The children used tape and glue to assemble their boats and sails. They then enjoyed decorating their boats with stickers and felt tips. Look at their work in progress.


Will it float?

The children were keen to test their boats. The majority of the boats floated! We found that boats made from cardboard did not float and the boats made from plastic floated.


Mini Mudder Mayhem!

What can I say? The children had an absolutely amazing time on the muddy assault course laid out by Mrs Gower and her team. The children ran with determination and showed great skill travelling under, over and through various obstacles. It was great to see the teamwork and co operation and support they had for each other throughout. It was an event that helped make some fantastic muddy memories. Enjoy the pictures.

We are not alone!

WATCH OUT! The aliens have landed in The New Build!!!! Rockets have crash landed in REO, REH and in the outdoor classroom.

The children arrived to find the classroom in chaos with furniture turned over and moondust all over the floor. Fortunately that was all we could see until we spotted a letter left by the alien Blip. He apologised for the mess and explained that his rocket malfunctioned and he was awaiting help from his family. The children decided to write letters to him to tell him about us and try to make friends with him.

Just be careful as you drop children off in the morning as we are finding new aliens arriving more and more. NASA have informed me that they come from one of the friendlier planets so we are safe. Please let me know if you spot any. Thank you


Fantastic Homework.

Thank you so much for supporting your child in making the wonderful rockets. Here are just some of them and I will be adding more pictures as they come in.

World Book Day.

Thank you to all parents who supported Our World book Day with all the fantastic costumes. We have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories with each other. Mrs Odedra read some extracts from many of the books throughout the morning. In the afternoon Year 5 children came and helped us read our favourite books.

Here are some pictures from today.

Can you guess who I am?

Our Year 5 Reading Buddies.

World Book Day

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Mix a pancake,

Stir a pancake,

Pop it in the pan.

Fry the pancake,

Toss the pancake,

Catch it if you can!

The children have been exploring the story 'Whatever Next!'

Please look at our new topic this half term.


We're Going on a Journey!

Welcome Back!

We have been really busy at the start of a new term. We have enjoyed exploring the season of Winter and creating lots of wonderful art using cold colours. Please come in and have a look in the classroom.

Winter Wonderland

Christmas fun

The children came in to find snowy footprints on the floor with a golden parcel for the class. Inside we discovered an Elf named Elvis. Also inside was a note from Father Christmas explaining Elvis would be reporting back on all the wondeful things we would be doing to get ready for Christmas.

The children are having lots of fun being helpers at Father Christmas's workshop. They are busy wrapping presents, making toys and helping Father Christmas to deliver presents too.

We're going on a baby hunt.

  All the reception children made their teachers proud during their nativity performance. Not only did they look amazing but they sang beautifully and remembered lines and actions well. What a performance, some stars in the making. Just remember us when you are on stage or on TV!