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Leicester University Botanic Garden.

It was a glorious sunny morning on Wednesday 6th July and the Reception children were off on an adventure! We went to explore differernt plants from around the world. We learnt that plants can come from hot desert lands, wet tropical forests and can even grow well in Britain too! The children planted their own seeds and hope to enjoy some delicious cress in the holidays. They smelt various herbs, did bark rubbings and enjoyed the beautiful grounds. We even saw some large hungry fish by the pond! We also learnt that plants provide us with food, shelter, clothing and medicines and so much more.

Reception Trip to Leicester Botanic Garden.

Happy 90th Birthday!

We were very fortunate to have Her Majesty The Queen come and attend a tea party in her honour. We decorated cakes, made her favourite cucumber sandwiches and made crowns to show her. She was very impressed with the children.

Freddie Frog!

We had to say goodbye to our little froggy friends last week as it was time to let them go back home. The children have thorougly enjoyed watching them grow from frogspawn to baby frogs. please ask your child to explain the life cycle to you.

Spring Walk.

The weather was on our side and we were able to enjoy a lovely walk to the woods and then on to the park. Along the way the childen were keen to point out different plants they could see that showed us it was Springtime.

The children are having great fun planting different seeds. They are becoming keen gardeners and are able to tell you what plants need for healthy growth and are able to name different parts on a plant.

 We have such green fingers in REO that we even grew a giant beanstalk from magic beans! We have been keeping a close eye to ensure that a giant does not come down from it!

The children are also keen to see the tadpoles in class grow. We have learnt about what happens at each stage in the life cycle and cannot wait to meet our frogs! We have also been learning about the life cylce of a butterfly and can tell you what happens at each stage.

Have a wonderful Easter break and see you back on Monday 11th April. We will be starting our new topic on 'Growing.' Please look at the topic plan below.


Growing Topic plan.

The Land before Time!

Look at this terms topic.

The children are currently enjoying their new topic on dinosaurs. This week we have had an adventure of our own. The children arrived on Monday to find footprints leading up to the sandpit. When we had a closer look we found an egg!

Mrs Odedra rang Andy and he advised her to keep it warm and put it in a quiet place. Mrs Odedra said she was scared as she heard scratching sounds coming from it!

On Tuesday we came back to school to find that the egg was beginning to crack open. We cannot wait to see what comes out!

Let's Celebrate!

The children have had enjoyed learning about how the Year of the Monkey will be celebrated by Chinese families around the world. The children have had great fun exploring the different activities set up within the reception depeartment.

As you can see the children had many activities to choose from throughout the day. It was lovely to see the children explore the activities with their peers from both classes and chat away about what they were learning.
Our new topic is all about transport. please look at the topic map and try some of the activities suggested to support your child.

Transport topic map

Science Day 29.1.16

The children have enjoyed spending the day working like real scientists!

We started with a question,

Will these objects float or sink?



The children had to predict which of the objects would float and which would sink.



The children then worked in small groups and placed the objects in a tank. They observed closely to see what happened.



From our testing we discovered that the plastic lemon, feather, apple and starburst floated and the car and dinosaur sank.

We are sailing!

The children also enjoyed making their own sail boats to race across the water.

Blow, blow, blow!

Books, Books, we love books!

Thank you very much for supporting us in our 'Drop Everything And Read Day.'

The children have enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with their peers and have had different adults read aloud to them throughout the day. We hope to encourage and foster a great love of reading as it is an important life long skill to have. We hope you will continue to support us in this by hearing your child read as often as possible. Reading can happen anywhere as you will see from the pictures below!

Welcome back to a chilly 2016! I hope you all had a restful break and enjoyed watching our Disney Christmas Show. Our topic over the next couple of weeks will be Winter. Please look at the topic map attached.

The children were keen to set free the objects that had been frozen in the ice. They discussed different ways of melting the ice and were able to describe how the ice looked and felt.
Nativity pictures in latest news section.

Our Mini Topic on Space.

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