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Easter Craft Morning


Yesterday we had a lovely morning celebrating Easter with lots of different activities for the children to engage with. Thank you to those parents who came along to enjoy the morning with their children it is hugely appreciated by all staff and the children themselves. What made the day even more special was that the children were able to explore all four classrooms in the building and join in with the Year Ones too. We had an absolutely fabulous morning so much so that we continued with all of the activities in the afternoon as well. We hope you enjoy looking at all of the pictures smiley

A Visitor in the night!


Last week I was shocked when I came into the classroom! There had been an unexpected visitor during the night. There were footprints of snow all over the floor and lots of food left lying around. The tables and chairs had been knocked over too. I left the classroom looking like this so that the children could help me investigate. The children were very surprised when they came in, they thought it was the bear from our story 'We're going on a bear hunt'. They used the magnifying glasses to explore the footprints further. The children had lots of super ideas about why the bear might have come into the classroom. Some children thought he was cold outside and others thought he had come in to look for food. We have also practised what to do if a Brown Bear came near us. We have yet to see the bear but we have been busy designing traps to make so that we can capture him if he comes into our classroom again!

World Book Day!


Today we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite story characters. Class REH did not disappoint and came in some fabulous costumes. Well done to Alfie who won the best outfit from the Reception classes with his Peter Rabbit fancy dress smiley 

Thank you to those parents who joined us this morning for our reading session. We hope you enjoyed sharing lots of reading ideas with your children and well done for braving the cold to venture into the fabulous outdoor classroom to see how reading is explored there. 

The Reception team and children have had a fabulous day!

Welcome to our Class Page!

Starting school can be a difficult time for both children and parents BUT... Class REH have settled in extremely well and I am very proud of every single one of them. Below are some photographs from the children's first few weeks at school. Here is to a super fun-filled year of learning in Reception! smiley

Meet our friendly faces smiley

We have been enjoying...

Writing our names

Sharing stories
And exploring the exciting activities around the classroom no
Being creative
Experimenting with water
Moulding and cutting the dough
Working in the ice cream shop
Making models
Making tea
Exploring the rock pool
Digging in the sand
Having a tea party
And another!
Making dinner
Sorting colours
Looking at books
Using our imaginations
Making friends
Taking risks
Working together
Getting fresh air in the outdoor classroom

The Seaside


Our first topic this year has been 'The Seaside'. We have been talking about and sharing the children's wonderful experiences of the seaside and exploring lots of holiday activities like digging in the sand, building sandcastles and discovering what is in a rock pool. We have also been talking about the importance of being safe around water and had a special visitor come in to see us from the RNLI. He shared the fantastic work with us that the volunteers from the RNLI do and taught the children many ways to keep safe near any kind of water.

Here are our fantastic sandcastles decorated with our very own flags!


Marvellous Me


Our next topic is 'Marvellous Me'. We are going to be learning about the different parts of our body both inside and out and looking closely at the features on our faces. We will also be looking at the differences and similarities between us all as well as using all of our senses. We are all marvellous in Class REH smiley

We have been using mirrors to look at the different features on our face. We know that we have have 2 eyebrows, 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose, a mouth and some hair but we do not all look the same! Here are some funny faces that we have created using the IWB. We hope that they make you smile smiley


Yummy Fruit!


This week we have been talking about 'The Harvest Festival'. We know that it is the time of year when farmers harvest the crops and we give food to those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. The children have been talking about fruit that they like to eat and have painted some lovely pictures of fruit using bright colours. We have also had a go at peeling and chopping fruit to make our very own fruit kebabs and the best part...we got to taste the fruit too! Yum yum! We also had some special visitors come in to show us how to press the apples that we collected from our school apple trees and got to take home some lovely apple juice!



We have been learning a lot about apples since our special visitors! We have looked at the different coloured apples that you can eat and the different ways in which you can eat an apple. The children have had the opportunity to try a fresh apple off the tree and a cooked apple to see which they liked the best. The children came up with lots of super adjectives to describe what the apples were like and here are a few... crunchy, soft, warm, and juicy! We have also been looking inside an apple at the core and seeds. Once we had observed what was inside an apple we painted them and did some apple printing to make some autumnal repeating patterns. Who knew apples could be so much fun! smiley

Our Harvest Assembly


The Reception children were given a very important job this term of putting on an assembly to the rest of the school to teach them all about ‘The Harvest Festival’. Luckily we had been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ which is all about a little hen who harvested wheat to make bread all on her own because her friends would not help her! We shared this story using our super actions with the rest of the school as well as showing them our wonderful paintings of fruit and vegetables that are harvested throughout the year. We also sang some beautiful harvest songs too! Below you will find a picture of REH stood in front of all of the kindly donated food which has now been shared between four different charities around Loughborough. We would like to thank all of you who were able to make a donation towards this important cause.

Bread Making


The Little Red Hen made bread so that is what we did on the last day of term! The children thoroughly enjoyed stirring the mix and getting their hands dirty to knead the bread. Personally my favourite part was eating the bread! It was so yummy, the children did a terrific job and couldn't wait to try it after it came out of the oven. Mr Bishop enjoyed tasting it too!


We have had a VERY busy first half term and the children have definitely earned a well deserved rest. We look forward to seeing you all back after the break for lots more fun! smiley

Diwali Day!


This week we had a very busy and fun-filled day celebrating Diwali. There were lots of different activities for the children to have a go at to explore the many ways in which Diwali is celebrated. The children enjoyed dressing up in Diwali outfits, creating their own mehndi patterns, making Diwali cards, eating traditional foods, moulding their own diva lamp, making chapatis and much, much more! The best part of the day was that the doors between the two Reception classes were opened to make one HUGE classroom so that both classes could enjoy the special day together. Thank you to the parents and other family members who were able to join us for part of the day we hope that you had a super time just like we did. For those who were unable to make it here are some memorable moments from the day for you to enjoy smiley

Autumn Walk


This morning we went on a walk around the school grounds to find signs of Autumn. We noticed that lots of leaves had fallen off the trees and we also noticed that they had changed colour. The children collected leaves as we walked, to help us with some activities back in the classroom. We have begun to use the leaves to create spiky hedgehogs and our very own crowns! Photos of these to follow. The children also enjoyed making footprints in the frost that Jack Frost left us this morning!

Shape Hunt


Last week we began to look at 3D shapes and the difference between them and 2D shapes. The children were so excited about shapes and began to find them around the classroom so we went on a spontaneous shape hunt around the school grounds! The children were using some fabulous language to describe the shapes that they were finding.




December has been a very busy time for Class REH! We have played in the snow, boogied at our Christmas party, performed our marvellous nativity, had fun doing lots of Christmas crafts, had a visit from Santa and today we got to meet some very cute hedgehogs!

I am so proud of every single one of the children in my class. They have worked so hard this term not only in the classroom but on stage too putting on a fabulous show for you all to enjoy! They definitely deserve a well earned break over the Christmas holidays.


Enjoy lots of family time together.

Merry Christmas! smiley

Fun in the snow

A Visit From Santa

We're Going on a Baby Hunt...

Meet the stars...

Meet our new friends Gus and Titch

Winter Wonderland

Our new topic this term is called 'Winter Wonderland'. The children will be thinking about the different types of weather we have during this season and what we should be wearing to keep us warm. We will be exploring cold colours as well and using these to create beautiful Winter pictures.

The last couple of weeks we have been looking at the story 'Stick Man'. We have talked about who the main character is and the different settings that we can see in the story. Towards the end of the story 'Stick Man' finds himself in Winter surrounded by snow. He is cold and lonely as he cannot find his way back to his family tree. The children pretended to be Stick Man's family and created missing posters to help find Stick Man. They drew accurate pictures of him and used good describing words to tell people what he looks like. Luckily our missing posters worked as Stick Man was returned safely to our classroom so that we could take him back to his family tree. We have also practised drawing Stick Man and his family tree using a program called 'Colour Magic' on the computers. We had to use the computer mouse carefully to select different tools and colours to help us bring Stick Man to life! Below are some of our pictures.


Before half term we were very busy learning all about instructions. We decided to write instructions about how to make a jam sandwich but before we could do this we needed to have a go at making our very own jam sandwiches. As we were making the jam sandwiches we used key vocabulary such as 'first, next, then, after that and finally' to explain the order of the steps we were following. We enjoyed our jam sandwiches by having a teddy bear's picnic. Making the jam sandwiches ourselves helped us to write some brilliant instructions. Please come and have a look in our books to see smiley

Welcome Back

It has been an absolute pleasure to see the children's smiley faces back at school today and what a lovely first day back we have had. This term our new topic is called 'Journeys'. We will be talking about the children's own experiences of journeys and different modes of transport they might take on a journey. We will also be looking at stories that involve journeys too. I wonder if you can guess which story book we are going to be looking at first from the picture? Eventually we will look at even more exciting journeys too, like trips to the moon!

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