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Welcome to REA's class page

This will be updated on a regular basis letting you know what your children have been learning. Along with information about all the interesting and educational different activities they have been able to enjoy.


Fire station Visit

We visited the fire station recently. The fire fighters gave us a tour of the station, showed us all the equipment they use, sit in a fire engine and get to see how they train.  

We have had two visits this week. The first one from a parent who works with blind people. She was able to tell us all the different things partially sighted people may need help with. We got to touch some braille and roll a ball with a bell inside it. We had to have our eyes closed though and work out if the ball was being rolled to us by just listening.  It was a very interesting talk and we all learnt a lot from it.


Today we also had a visit from the Police. They came and gave a talk about all the different things they do within our community. We also talked about the uniform they wear and what they carried around with them all the time. They also showed us their police car and put the siren and lights for us to see and hear and see. It was lots of fun.

People who help us

Our new topic is all about people who help us. In the first week we talked about our families and how they help us now and what has changed from when we were babies. We also, talked about who helps us at school. The children very much enjoyed having a role-play which was a mini school.


This week we have been learning about bees. We had a special visitor from a man who has lots of bees and makes honey. We also made honey sandwiches focussing on the fact you have to follow simple and clear instructions.


In maths, last week, we learnt about doubling numbers up to 10. This week we worked on halving numbers 10 and under.


We also had a phonics themed morning where adults could attend. Thank you for those that were able to join us for a mini phonics lesson and some activities inside and outside the classroom.

A bee mobile maded by the children of REA

Jack and the Beanstalk

Since coming back from the Easter break we have been finishing of our life cycle focus learning about seeds. We have read the story Jack and the Beanstalk and written what would be up our beanstalk if we planted our own magic beans. As you can imagine there has been some very interesting answers from an enormous mouse to different family members. We have also planted our own sunflower seeds and been watching them grow. Within maths we have been paying for different items using different coins.





Life Cycles

Before the Easter break we learnt about life cycles of different animals. We looked at the life cycle of a butterfly (we had caterpillars in the classroom), the frog life cycle (we had a tank of frog spawn which are now tadpoles). However, most exciting of all was learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

We had a n incubator where we got to watch 8 of the 10 eggs hatch. We talked and sang to the eggs and then the chicks. We wrote a diary about the observations we made about the changes we could see happening to the chicks. Also, we got to hold them nearly everyday for 2 weeks.

World Book Day

On Thursday it was World Book Day. Everyone came dressed up in a character from their favourite book. In the morning, before assembly, we had parents in for some lovely reading activities.

In the afternoon 3J came over and listened to REA read and then they read to different children in REA.

Throughout the day we stopped for lots of different stories and had lots of fun talking about books.

It was a lovely day.

Dinosaurs Week 2

This week we had an egg laid outside by a dinosaur. This caused lots of eggcitment! from the children. We had lots of discussion about how to look after the egg and what dinosaur would hatch from it. Then the egg did hatch and we got an email form Andy (from Andy's dinosaur adventures) to be told that it is a very friendly baby dinosaur that has come from the egg and is now with it's mum. We wrote about this. Along with using the search engine 'kiddle' to find the answers from our dinosaur questions that we came up with last week.


We talked about what different dinosaurs like to eat and made healthy lunch boxes for them. This was also a good opportunity to discuss how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.


In maths we talked about estimation. We all estimated how many fossils were in a bag and then on Friday Mrs Altimas opened the bag and we as class counted them to find out that there were 20 inside.

Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur Lunch Boxes



We have had a busy week learning about dinosaurs. At the beginning of the week the class received a letter from Andy (host of Andy's dinosaur adventures) telling us that a time machine had brought back a very friendly dinosaur to Robert Bakewell school. We needed to think off some questions for the dinosaur. The class came up with fantastic questions such as what did dinosaurs eat? Why did they become extinct? And, did dinosaurs fight with sharks?

We also have been using cubes to measure different dinosaurs feet. Along getting to chalk our own outside. On the whiteboard we also got to draw a dinosaur.

As part of our space topic we have been learning about aliens. We have had lots of fun creating our own aliens. Our book that we focussed on was 'Aliens love underpants'. As a class we discussed what our alien would take back to their planet if they came down to Earth. One child said that they would take friends so that their alien would not be lonely. We also made rockets and had lots of fun pretending to be aliens.

We also made fruit rockets. We discussed making healthy choices and why it is good for our bodies and minds to eat a balanced diet.


Lastly, I hope you all have a lovely half-term.


Our recent topic has been about space. We first learnt facts about the planets, including Earth. We also learnt that the sun is a star and not a planet and facts about the moon. In the first week we also learnt some of space history and who and what has been into space. We learnt that Laika, the dog, was one of the first to go in a space rocket and we also learnt, a little, about the more recent astronaut Tim Peake.

We wrote about the fact booklets about space. Along with ordering the and made ourselves space packs so that we could zoom around the classroom.

As part of our space weeks we had an astronaut training camp. We also tied this into raising money for the NSPCC. Thank you for all the money you kindly donated.

Chinese New Year

We started this week with a fun day dedicated to Chinese New Year. We made lots of lovely things to do with Chinese culture such as lucky envelopes and dragons. We also made pigs as it is the Year of the Pig. We tasted some Chinese food and in the afternoon went on a parade around school.

We spent the week reading the story 'The Bear Hunt'. Focussing on the different ways of travelling through all the different conditions such as snow, wind and mud. However, we did not put a bear in the cave as each child made up their own mysterious creature that they were 'hunting'.
We did get to go on a winter walk around the school grounds. We listened to the birds sing and look at all the frost on the ground.

I have attached a newsletter for this half term. Please have a read and get back to me if there is anything you would like to discuss.

On Thursday 31st January in the morning we will be going for a winter walk. If you are free then please come and join your child and all of reception. 

Unfortunately, the walk has had to be cancelled. We will let you know the new date as soon as it has been rearranged. Sorry for an inconvenience.

As it is winter time we have also been investigating ice. We discussed what it is and what happens to it when it melts.

As part of this term we have also been discussing journeys and travelling. We will be talking more about this in the weeks to come. We have been looking at the world using a globe to help us to look at where the Arctic and Antarctic are.


To help us find out facts we have been using child friendly search engines on the computer. We have also been programming bee bots and using the keyboard to type our names.

However, the most fun we had was when we used Mrs Altimas's camera to take our own photo's of our work.


Welcome back to school after, I hope, a happy Christmas holiday.


We have been super busy already this term with our new topic. We have been learning about the world around us and the changes that are taking place because it is winter time.

We have also been investigating the Arctic and Antarctic learning facts about the animals that live in these places and we made a class fact book about Polar Bears.  For some fun we each made an igloo out of marshmallows - yum.


We are going on a baby hunt - The Nativity!


A big well done to both REA and REO for a fantastic Nativity performance. The children were brilliant. Singing beautifully, doing the actions to all the songs and just generally being super stars while on and off the stage.



Happy Christmas

The children have had a lovely end to a fantastic term. We had a great party with lots of dancing and games.

Earlier in the month we had a pantomime company come into school and we got to watch Aladdin - Oh no we didn't - Oh yes we did!


I would just like to wish all of REA a very happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you back in 2019 for lots of fun and learning.

Welcome back, I hope you all had a happy and healthy half term.


In our first week back we have been learning all about nocturnal animals. The children spent the first few days of the week learning owl facts and we read 'Owl Babies'. The latter part of the week we have been focussed around hedgehogs. Discussing what they like to eat (cat food not milk as it upsets their tummy), where they like to sleep (plant pots) and why they curl up into a ball (they are frightened).


We were very lucky and had a visit from a lady who rescues hedgehogs and we got to meet Holly, Brian and Rocky.

Then in the afternoon we made some hedgehog bread-Yummy!

Stick Man

We have been reading the book Stick man this week by Julia Donaldson. We discussed how Stick Man must have felt when he was lost and far away from his family. We all wrote Missing posters and made him some friends to help him get back to his family.

In maths we have been learning about addition.

Elmer the Elephant

For the past 2 weeks we have been talking about why it is so wonderful being unique and that we showed be respectful along with kind to others as we are all special.  We also have been learning about colour, mixing colours, the artist Kandinsky and repeat patterns.

Our chosen story was Elmer the elephant as he is such an individual character.


Finished Clay Faces

Last term we made our own face out of clay. After they had been in the kiln we got to paint them with glazes and then they went back in the kiln. We got them back this week and they look great. Here they are.

Diwali Day

This week it was Diwali for Hindu's and Sikh's across the world. We learnt about this celebration and we had a special day with lots of activities focussed around Diwali. This was open for parents and carers of the children to attend.

We got to make little Diya lamps, cards, an arty sparkler, create rangoli patterns, draw a mendhi pattern on our hands and try some wonderful food.

To end our topic all about ourselves we had a 'senses day'. All the children got to do an activity focusing on the senses :touch, taste, sight, smell and listening.
Along with learning about why we are special we have also been looking at our bones and what makes up our skeleton. We read the book Funny bones, labelled a skeleton and sang lots of songs about our bodies.
Following on from Ourselves our next topic has been all about Harvest. We learnt lots of songs about this time of year and talked about the season we are in - Autumn. As part of our class discussions we have talked about all the different jobs farmers have to do, what is happening to the trees and their leaves and what other changes are taking place.

We are Unique

Our new topic is all about ourselves. We have been reading about the 'Mixed Up Chameleon' and discussing why it is good to be ourselves.

We have also made our faces out of clay and other materials.

Problem Solving

We had a fantastic maths problem solving afternoon. We worked in small teams with REO to complete some set tasks. We had to make a long colourful caterpillar matching the same colours together, make a large rectangle using the different shapes given, build a triangular shaped jigsaw along with make a square using 4 pieces. We got to work on all 4 challenges in our teams.

It was a fun challenging afternoon!

Working together to make a big rectangle
Working out how to make a square using 4 pieces
Fishing for sounds
Telling us the sounds they find
Finding worms!
Making jelly fish
Printing different shells to make patterns
Playing with different sea creatures

The children have been learning lots of new routines along with getting to know new adults and make new friends.

They have been enjoying the activities that we have had inside and outside the classroom all to do with the topic 'The Seaside'.

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