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Lego Club

After a fantastic day at the Nottingham Regional Final, Lego Club is taking a well earned break.

Regional Finals Day - Nottingham University

The RBS Robos had a fantastic day out at the First Lego League Regional Final at Nottingham University.  They were excellent ambassadors for the school, showing all of the core values throughout the day.  They were truly a team to be proud of as the presented their project about desalination of sea water to provide fresh water for irrigation and talked about the design of their robot, Floyd. The Robot game brought an outstanding performance both from the drivers and the support crew, who cheered them on throughout each robot run.  The team were awarded two trophies - the Robot Performance trophy (for winning the robot game) and the Robot Design trophy (for the best engineering of their robot and attachments).

Well done RBS Robos, we are really proud of you!


Hydrodynamics Challenge 2017-8

The robot is built and the missions are being tackled.  Busy times for the RBS Robos! The start of the year is all about getting to know the other team members better and working in different pairings to help this.  The Robos coached the Brilliant Bees for the Junior FLL Expo last year, so we already know quite a bit about each other.


It is the start of the First Lego League year and this season the topic is hydrodynamics.  We have a new challenge board to work on and a new project to undertake.



The JrFLL Competition was held today at our school.  5 teams were able to show their research and presentation skills to the judges as well as taking part in a Lego robot challenge, Bee Bot game, K'nex tallest tower and an art competition.  The teams all brought Lego models to show their chosen animal in its habitat and wowed the judges with their ingenuity and creativity. The RBS Robos looked after the visiting teams and did a fantastic job of encouraging the younger team members to enjoy the morning.  Photos are on the Latest News page.


   It is nearly competition time and the Y3 and Y4 teams have learned all about honey bees, made a Lego model with an EV3 intelligent brick, showing how the bees collect honey, built models demonstrating centrifugal force and best of all, eaten toast and honey!


The first session for the Jr FLL was fun.  The team members have made new friends and chosen their team names.  They designed logos for the teams and learned what the Challenge is about.


The Junior FLL teams from Y3 and Y4 have been selected and the after school sessions start for them on Friday 28th April 3.15 - 4.15 in the mobile.

National Finals Bristol

The Y5/6 team RBS Robos were amazing over the course of the National Finals Day.  They showed great robotic skill, recording their highest competitive score ever, showed great presentation skills and core values.  As coaches, we are so proud of them and their dedication to the Challenge over the last 4 months.  We would also like to thank the parents and supporters who travelled with the team - it would not have been possible without you!

RBS Lego at Bristol Final

Uploaded by ict on 2017-02-27.

Have a look at  our TV star and after the false start (which she wasn't aware of) our best robot run of the day, 148 points, which got us 6th place in the robot game at The First Lego League UK and Ireland Finals.

There are photos on the Latest News section and more will be added here soon.


The live stream from the whole day can be found here.

Final preparations are underway for the National Finals in Bristol at the end of the month.  Both of our robots are being put throught their paces most days and all team members can drive and change attachments.  The bird feeders are busy, we have made bird cake and taken part in the Big Bird Watch.

The regional finals TV bit courtesy of BBC West Midlands who sent me this clip

Hello everyone,

Here are some pictures of Regional Finals from Birmingham if anyone wants to look


Also all year five team members are now invited for extra sessions up to 4.30 on a Tuesday. The year 6 team members will have an extra session on Thursday evenings till 4.30. Club night will still be on Fridays for those who cannot make extra nights. We have four weeks of big effort before the National Final and we are going for it!!!



As the finals are in Bristol on a Sunday morning starting at 8a.m. I feel that we need an early start and we need to stop in the area. I have booked a lot of rooms in the area. We can take as many supporters as we want - no tickets this year. All of this is on hold but if folk want more detail then e-mail me. Lots of accommodation has been snapped up. Mr Simmons.

Challenge Day - Birmingham University

We were the top scoring team, had the best fed mum and won the whole day with a magnificent performance from the whole team and from all at school who helped make it possible. We are so proud of you!

We were the top scoring team, had the best fed mum and won the whole day with a magnificent performance from the whole team and from all at school who helped make it possible. We are so proud of you! 1
We were the top scoring team, had the best fed mum and won the whole day with a magnificent performance from the whole team and from all at school who helped make it possible. We are so proud of you! 2

Animal Allies


Competition day tomorrow (15th)!!!! 

The drivers are getting much quicker at changing the programs and attachments and they're all scoring more consistently as the week goes on.  Will the improvement continue?  The whole team has worked really hard on all aspects of the challenge and has been presenting the project to the Junior classes to make sure that they are word perfect.  The birds have been visiting the feeders and the squirrel proofing is working well. 

Less than a week to go and the excitement is mounting...

Who will drive?   Who will change the attachments?  The core values board is taking shape and the project has been presented to some but not all of the school...yet!  We are going to share our project with other schools before the competition and hope that they enjoy learning to identify birds as much as we have done - we even played the identification quiz on the coach on the way to the Y5/6 trip with the rest of our classes!



The robot has been developed to a competition model, copied for a reserve robot,  and the mission programs are being 'tweaked' for each one.  The team are busy trying out different combinations of drivers and attachment changers, which has seen the growth of new partnerships.  The race is on to see who will take to the table on the day.  The project has involved the team, working with many other children in the school, and the presentation has started to take shape with photos taken along the way - and much discussion about 'who is talking about what' when the slides are being prepared. 

Animal Allies Project Build a bird hide

Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 1
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 2
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 3
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 4
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 5
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 6
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 7
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 8
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 9
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 10
Animal Allies Project  Build a bird hide 11

Build a hide2/4

Build a bird hide cunning plan 4/4

Build a Bird hide


Keith and Geoff from the RSPB came to advise us on our bird hide. They got us to put drainpipes over the feeder to make it harder for the squirrels. They also made several other suggestions which we have impemented. Up to now we have seen robins, longtailed tits, blue tits and a solitary starling visiting.

Phoebe has done a wonderful bird feeder, made out of a plastic bottle and meat tray. The winner of the design a bird house was Haydn Lovley with his bus idea. This has now been made and will be on display at the Regional Finals, then it will be put up in the Wildlife Area. Ella Hackett won the year 4 competition and Amelia the year six competition.

Build a bird hide part 5

The new FLL Animal Allies Challenge has arrived, the mission models and robot made and programming is now underway.  The Regional Final is on December 15th.

Junior FLL - Waste Wise

The Y3 Cardboard Crushers and Y4 Glass Gatherers had a brilliant afternoon at the Junior FLL Challenge at Loughborough University.  They presented their projects and models to a group of judges and were awarded the Show and Tell and Showmanship awards respectively.  Well done to both teams



Junior FLL - 5 days to go

The presentations are complete and the models built.  The teams have been practising talking about their posters and the waste items that they have researched.  They are getting excited about being a part of the first Junior FLL competition season!

Junior FLL

We currently have two teams preparing to take part in the first Junior First Lego League Challenge, Waste Wise, at Loughborough University on 22nd June 2016.  The teams, one from Y3 and one from Y4, are busy researching the journey of items of waste from our homes to recycling plants, what happens to them when they get there.  They also have to build a motorised model representing their chosen process using Lego.


The lunchtime sessions for the Lego Challenge are definitely getting noisier as the potential drivers work hard to improve their precision and speed - so many contenders - all driving well.  Who will it be??

The Current Lego Team...the RBS Robos

June 2015

As Lego is taught as part of our computing curriculum, club members have been helping to design challenges that will be undertaken by year 3-6 in their lessons.  The challenges build upon the skills already learned and incorporate new skills that will be taught next year.  They love the fact that extensive testing is required, usually leading to unexpected modifications that make the challenges great fun but very competitive!


The Lego Club members have been making some more complicated models since the last challenge finished. The Rubik's Cube Sorter has a colour sensor that scans the cube faces and the data collected is fed into a 'cube solving' subroutine, which calculates the moves required to put the colours into the correct places.  The cube is then solved by the turntable and arm mechanism completing the appropriate moves.  Znap is programmed to move, then pauses.  If the ultrasonic sensor detects movement, he lunges his head forwards and snaps his teeth!

Rubik's cube sorter


Still image for this video

December 15th 2014

Just three days to go and then it will be Challenge Day.  The project has been tested and well received throughout the school and the children feel that it will help their learning.  The robot game has been tried on all of our tables and under different lighting conditions and is giving fairly consistent results.  The preparation is nearly complete...  now to decide who will be driving...   there are so many contenders!


December 5th 2014


Less than 2 weeks to go - lots of timed runs,  project presentation rehearsals, testing of project equipment and general excitement for the Bakewell Roboteers.  The team is working really hard every lunchtime and any spare time they can squeeze out of class!!


After looking for information about this year's challenge, the following videos emerged from last year's National Final.  They feature the Bakewell Roboteers and a familiar face....

First Lego League National Final 2013-14 - Teachers' Point of View

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the UK and Ireland partner for FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL). FLL is a global science and technology competition for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.

First Lego League National Final 2013-14 - The UK Final

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the UK and Ireland partner for FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL). FLL is a global science and technology competition for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.

1st December 2014

Less than 3 weeks to go!! Many of the team are spending their lunchtimes in the Robotics Room bringing the reserve robot programs up to standard.  Scores are rising and now within the 2 and a half minute time limit.


21st November 2014

A good day in the robot room with the programs in the 'right' order and lots of timed runs to speed up the attachment and program changes.  So exciting!!! The project is moving at speed with our new learning tool being tested in the classroom.

 November 2014

The Lego Club is making progress with the Robot Game for World Class 2014, solving the missions and putting the programs into a sequence.  Questionnaires for the project have been filled in by parents, children and teachers and the results have given the team an area of learning to work on.  At lunchtimes, the Robotics Room is busy with work on all areas of the challenge and a buzz of excitement can be felt as we enter the 'one month to go' countdown!


October 2014

We now have our new World Class Challenge mat and are looking at ways to solve the missions.  It is very exciting to see how the robot game and project are taking shape ahead of our Regional Final, which will take place at Loughborough University in December.


September 2014

We were visited by some children from Greenhill Primary School in Sheffield.  




A great start to the new term with the new Y5 members of the Lego Club getting stuck into learning how to program our NXT robots.  The Y6s have been brushing up their programming and driving skills ready for a visit from a school in Sheffield.


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