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Class news

Hello Alder Class

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine during your half term break. I have attached some fab work that was sent to me last week for you all to see.

Thank you for sending work to me that you have been doing while at home.

Keep up the fab work everyone.smiley

Thank you for sending pictures into school of the wonderful work you are completing at home. Here is some pieces that were made last week by some children in Alder Class.yessmileyyes

Super work being sent in from someone in Alder Class - Well done.smiley


Hello Alder Class 

I just wanted to say hello to you all. I also wanted to say a big thank you for sharing work with me that you have been busily doing at home.


If you would like to send pictures of  work that you produced, then please email it to the office:


Remember to look on the 'home link' tab for this weeks learning.

In Alder class we talk about the big things in life. I thought this would be a good question to discuss.

If so, why? If not, why not?


This week the children learnt about what pets need. The children talked about what pet they would like or do already have and how it needs to be looked after. Also, do all pets need the same looking after? The children discussed how a dog needs to be walked but a guinea pig does not.


In maths the children learnt about simple pictograms. The children also started to look at recording data on a bar chart. This is going to be developed next week and the children will be using smarties and jelly tots to do this which already sounds fun.


In R.E the children learnt about the story of Noah's Ark from the Bible. The children talked about how they can make the World a happy place which linked into last weeks learning about Lent. The children had some lovely ideas about watering flowers, not standing on bugs and feeding the birds. Overall the children agreed that we need to be kind to each other.

It was also World book day during the week. The children (and adults) got to dress up as their favourite characters from a book that they enjoy reading. As a class we had lots of fun activities to do with reading.


This terms topic is called 'What makes the perfect pet'. With that in mind we will be learning all about animals that we have as pets or that we would like as a pet. We started learning about what different animals need to be cared for and we read the book Dear Zoo. As a class we decided that the perfect pet for our class would be a fish and not an elephant as requested by some!


This week we also spent time enjoying pancake day and what Lent means to Christians. We also discussed different ways we could show people kindness. The children had some wonderful ideas from helping people if they had hurt themselves, sharing their toys and being a friend to others.


In maths we practised counting in 2's and grouping items into 2's. We also counted chickens as they have 2 legs. Asking the children questions such as: If we have 6 chicken legs so how many chickens do we have.


It has been a very busy end to the term. In reception we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the rat and we discussed that the rat was first in the race to having a year named after him.


Last Wednesday (during the morning) both reception classes opened their doors and had lots of Chinese New Year activities. If the children's adults were able to join us then they were invited to come in and enjoy the celebrations. The children and adults got to make lots of different items all linking in with the Chinese theme. The children made money envelopes and all got a chocolate coin, cards, dragons, drums and a rat finger puppet.

In maths we have been counting in 10's to 100. We have also gone beyond 100 when we all got our shoes and socks off and counting (in 10's) how many toes we have in total in class.
This week it snowed. The children found this very exciting so we went outside and got to experience what fun snow can be along with how cold it is!


It has come to the end of our topic: Could you survive in the poles. It has been a very busy topic and the children have worked very hard to learn new and exciting facts about the North and South pole. Overall the children feel that with the right clothes they could survive in the Poles.


As you are aware the children had to make a boat to transport a polar bear to visit the penguins. Most of the children's boats floated and those which did not the children were able to make sensible observations as to why theirs did not. We tested them out using a model of a polar bear.

The children have been working on their 'character muscles'. We all had to show self control when we were given a sweetie but had to wait 5 minutes until we could eat it. If we could wait then we could have 2 sweeties. The children were very good at showing self control in this task.
This term in maths the children have been learning about money. The different names of coins and what they are worth. The children have been paying for different items using different coins.


Towards the end of this week we discussed what would happen if we froze water, milk and orange juice. All the children said that these liquids would freeze but some said that the orange juice would turn green or pink. One child said that the milk would not be 'as hard as the water' and another said the milk would stay white. Next week we will be looking at the results and discussing what has really happened to these liquids.

We have set a challenge this week to make a boat. This boat is very special as we need to be able transport a polar bear (a plastic one!) to the penguins as the polar bears want to make friends with them. The first thing we have done is make our drawing of our boats and next week we will start to make them.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.

The children have come back to school ready and eager to learn, which is a great attitude to have. For this term our topic is 'Could you survive in the Poles?' To start with we have been discussing the cold weather and that we are in the season of Winter. The children have been making snowflakes, creating snowmen and building igloo's for Space Bear Bob. It has been watching all the teamwork that has been happening for this task to be done.


In maths the children have been ordering numbers along with some careful counting of bears. This week the children have been focussing on addition of 2 single digit numbers.

The children have had a lovely last week of term. They have made lots of decorations to take home along with a fabulous card. The children earlier in December made a little Christmas cake and also a ceramic gingerbread man.


This week has been filled with well deserved parties and a Christmas lunch.


It has been a very busy term and the children have made lots of progress in all areas.


I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

13th December 2019

This week was Alder and Ash Classes Nativity performance. All the children were san beautifully and performed the dances brilliantly. Well done to all the children in both classes.

6th December

The last couple of weeks have been very busy and exciting. The children went to see a panto today at Loughborough town hall - Oh no they didn't! The whole school went and all the children and staff had a wonderful time.

The children have made some fabulous 'rockin' robins (independently). The children have also been learning about 3D shape and all about the birth of Jesus.
Numbers 1 to 20
'A cone'
'A stable for the baby (Jesus)'

22nd November


Throughout this week the children, in maths, have been learning about measuring. They have been making worms and ordering them from shortest to longest. Along with using cubes to measure snakes.


'Leaf Man' has been the focus book for this week. The children have been making their own leaf animal, girl or boy. Then making up a wonderful story about  what adventures their own leaf being goes on.

Outside the children have been very busy threading their own hedgehogs.

13th November 2019

As we have been learning, this week, about nocturnal animals the children have been focusing on facts about owls. The children have learnt: What owls like to eat, where owls live and how far round an owl can turn it's own head.

As well as writing facts the children have also made clay owls which are fantastic.

Our topic this term is based around the changes that take place during the season of Autumn. The children, in both reception classes, went on an Autumn walk to make observations of what they can see.

It was a little wet but that did not stop us enjoying the leaves that had fallen on the ground. Or walking through the wooded area trying to spot different birds or animal homes.

In the last couple of weeks the children of Alder Class have been focussing on their careful counting skills, ordering numbers up to 20 and basic addition with 2 single digit numbers.

9th November 2019

The children have been very busy learning about animals that hibernate and animals that are nocturnal. A couple of very prickly visitor's came in to visit the children. Their owner (who is caring for them until they can be returned back to the nature at Barrow Rescue Centre) told the children lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs and different ways to look after them.


After meeting the hedgehogs the children got to make some delicious bread hedgehogs to take home. The children were able to cut the bread with scissors to make spines and use raisons to make the eyes.


The children have had a very busy week back after the half term break.


This week the children have been learning about the Hindu and Sikh celebration Diwali. On Tuesday a special event took place within our department and it was 'open' for parents and carers to come and make Diva lamps, paint pictures of fireworks and try some very delicious food.





This week we learnt about the Rama and Sita story and we acted it out in class. The children participated in practical activities that show how Diwali is celebrated.


The children of Alder class have been very busy for the last few weeks.

In math's they have been focussing on learning about 1 more than the given number. Along with lots of focus about shape properties and shape names. They got to make some shape biscuits which were delicious.

The children also got to create repeat patterns focussing on using 2 different colours.

Shape Biscuits

1 More than the given number

In literacy the children have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen. There has been lots of discussions about if the dogs, geese and cats were correct to not help the hen. Along with if the hen should share or not share her bread with the others. Fortunately, Alder class are very kind and all agreed that the hen should share as it is the right thing to do.

The children also put on the performance of the Little Red Hen to the rest of the school for the Harvest Festival. All the children were brilliant at acting out the story - Well done.


Mixed Up-Chameleon

This week we have read the book Mixed Up-Chameleon and we had a letter from him! He asked if we would explore what happens when you mix colours together and if possible could we make a new colour for him to have as a new body.


We had lots of fun mixing colours together and learnt what two colours you need to make purple, orange and green.

20th September 2019

This week the children have started to learn phonics focussing on s, a and t. The children have also been practising how to count objects carefully. Encouraging the children to touch the objects one at a time as they count.


The book focus has been The rainbow Fish. We have had lots of lovely art activities based inside and outside the classroom. The children have produced some wonderful and colourful fish. We have also spent time discussing why it is so important to share.


Our topic is all about the seaside and this week we have been talking about different creatures that live in the water. The children wanted to know: Are mermaids real? This question we are still trying to find the answer. However, most of the class say they are.


The children created pictures of the seaside using the whiteboard and also practised writing their names with their fingers.

This week we have also started talking about shapes and recognising different shapes within our environment. We made shape pictures and talked about what shapes we had used.

Welcome everybody in Alder Class

The children have had a busy first week settling into school life. They have been getting to know all the teachers that will be working with them, rules and routines of daily school life and been enjoying their school dinners.


While in class the children have been enjoying the different activities that are set out for them. They have also been exploring the outside classroom, playing on the trim trail and visited the chickens.



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