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Class news

Thoughts of the week 29/11/19


We have been very busy this week! We have worked very hard on learning a new method to help with our multiplication - grid multiplication. All the practicing on 10ticks and our Superhero times tables has really helped us with applying the multiplication facts we know to trickier questions. I have been especially impressed with the level of explanations of how we use grid multiplication - see if the children can explain it to you too!


Making our Christmas crafts has been a big focus this week, and I am delighted to say that we have made some lovely wreath designs using templates of our hands, and delicate trees made from ribbons and string. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas Fayre on Wednesday!

String Telephones

String Telephones 1
String Telephones 2
String Telephones 3
String Telephones 4
String Telephones 5
String Telephones 6
String Telephones 7
String Telephones 8
String Telephones 9

Thoughts of the week 17/11/19


We have enjoyed starting our new topic of traditional tales in English, and have been exploring features of well-known tales alongside our focus text The Cobbler and the Dragon. The tale has proven very popular and has helped inspire some very creative writing!


In Science, we have been investigating how sound travels, and to help us, we created string telephones. Contrary to popular belief, this is not what I used to communicate when I was young!


I have set up a creative table for the children to extend their learning in different ways. We have already seen a very impressive Asgard built out of boxes, and had one musical stage begin to take shape. I look forward to updating you on the children's creations.

Thoughts of the week 09/11/19


The children have really enjoyed the instruction topic, and we had a very practical lesson on Wednesday with them following their own instructions to make a jam sandwich. They all made a better job than I did!!


Everyone has been working hard on our Maths topic on time. Our focus this week has been converting between 12-hour and 24-hour time. See if they can tell you the time in both forms at home!


I have been very impressed with the class' efforts in music to have a go at playing musical pieces on the glockenspiel and keeping up with the fast pace of the notes. We are working on making sure we have a growth mindset and always try and be resillent. 

Thoughts of the week 02/11/19


The class has made an excellent start to the second half of the Autumn term. We started the week with a Wow Day focusing on our new topic, the Vikings. We had a great day making helmets and shields and use lots of our creativity skills to work out the best way to make them.


In English, we are looking at instruction texts. I enjoyed competing with Mrs Hill to see who could make the best jam sandwich - sadly I lost as the instructions I was following were not very precise. Apparently, I can't just put the jam jar on top of the bread!! Next week, the children will be writing their own instructions and following them to make their own jam sandwich.


The new homework has been sent out and I enjoyed thinking of all the activities to extend our learning and getting creative at home. As a reminder, all the homework should be in by Wednesday of the last week of term. If you want to bring it in as you complete it, that is fine.

Vikings Wow Day!

Vikings Wow Day! 1
We had a very busy first day back with our Viking Wow Day to start our new topic! We had great fun making our helmets and shields, and have the makings of true Viking warriors! SHIELD WALL!!

Anglo-Saxon Wow Day!

Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 1
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 2
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 3
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 4
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 5
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 6
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 7
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 8
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 9
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 10
Anglo-Saxon Wow Day! 11

Thoughts of the week 12/10/19


We have had a very busy week in Lime Class! We've had a large focus on our Anglo-Saxon topic this week, with the children loving our Anglo-Saxon WOW day on Wednesday! We are very grateful to Gregoric for coming to our school and teaching us what life was like in Anglo-Saxon times. We saw what Anglo-Saxons would have worn, the weapons they used, and played various games from the time. We also tried writing ancient runes using quills and ink.


We made Anglo-Saxon brooches too using clay. The children really enjoyed finding out the most successful ways to model the clay into round, flat shape, and were extremely creative with the details. We then painted them on Friday and loved mixing colours to make gold, silver and bronze. The results were absolutely fantastic and very eye-catching!

Thoughts of the week 06/10/19


We have had a very creative week in Lime Class and I have been very impressed with the level of effort and concentration. In English, we have been writing recounts of events from the Beowulf book, and had a fantastic lesson on Wednesday where we were feature spotting and included lots of the features in our own writing.


We have had a big focus on art this week! In Science, we drew detailed sketches of insects and used grids to help us scale up our drawings. For our Anglo-Saxon topic, we created brilliant, vibrant longboats using oil pastels. We had a lot of fun making different textures for the sky, boats and waves!


We ended the week by designing our Christmas cards - we had a class theme of a snowman and everyone made such lovely designs. These were sent home with the children on Friday.

If you would like to practice the Superhero Times Tables at home, please download the documents below.

22/09/19 Thoughts on the week


I was very impressed with the hot writes that the class produced on Wednesday 18th September. They rewrote the story of Beowulf, and it was great to see how much they had enjoyed the book as it really showed in the enthusiasm in their writing! I loved the tweaks to the story that some children did so the story had a happier ending!


Everyone is working so hard on their Superhero times tables. I can see massive progress from every child each day by getting further in their sheet, faster recall and remembering some of the tricks we have shared!

08/09/19 Thoughts on the week


We have had a very busy first full week back!


In Maths, we have been looking at place value. In English, we have started reading our book, Beowulf, and have written fantastic character descriptions! Beowulf links up with our half-term topic of the Anglo-Saxons, and we have looked at who they were and where they came from.


We have also worked on the Take One Picture challenge of using Renoir's painting The Umbrellas as a stimulus to think of different questions that we have about the piece, and considering what is going on in the picture.

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