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Class News

Time to investigate!


In art, we have started to learn about primary colours and how they can be used to create other colours. We investigated this by mixing primary colours together. We had lots of fun turning our new colours into interesting pieces of art!

Let's get outdoors!


In English this week, we have been learning about the Fable 'The Ant and the grasshopper'. We have heard several versions of the story and we decided to go out into the nature area and become ants and grasshoppers! 

In pairs, the children decided who was going to be the ant and the grasshopper before acting out the conversation between them. They had to think how they could use their bodies and voices to show how weak the grasshopper sounded and how cross the ant was. The children did very well and we enjoyed watching each other's role plays. 

Well done Cedar!

Take One Picture - Wassily Kandinsky


For the first week back the whole school were given a picture called 'Composition 8' by Wassily kandinsky. We were challenged to see what we could do with this picture. 

The children did some amazing art work using pastels to re-create the picture and used their fingers to create a softer effect by smudging the pastels. They did very well and no one got too messy!

They also did some fabulous writing about what they could see in the picture and some of their observations were very interesting!

Take a look at the pictures below to see how they got on.  

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