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Class News

Thoughts for the week 18/09/20


I have been very impressed and proud with Lime Class' efforts on their instruction hot writes. We wrote about how we arrive and come into school during Covid times and they included lots of the features that we have been looking at over the past three weeks, including imperative verbs and time adverbials. 


We have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10s, 100s and 1000s in Maths this week. We have recapped the tricky part of when we have to cross the boundaries between the place value columns.


Our topic work has seen us thinking about what jobs Anglo-Saxon men, women and children did. The class were very shocked that there was no school for Anglo-Saxon children, rather they would be helping out around the farm, chopping and fetching firewood, cooking and dying clothes.

Roald Dahl Day

Reading our class story The Twits

Thoughts of the week 11/09/20


We have had a very exciting week! For our instructions work, Mr Plumb made a very curious jam sandwich by following some not very specific instructions. We then thought about how we could improve them to make them more detailed and include certain features, then used these skills to write instructions for how to draw a face and how to play splat.


In Maths, we have continued looking at place value. We have added and subtracted 10s, 100s and 1000s to and from 4-digit numbers, especially focusing on crossing the 100s and 1000s boundaries. We showed great resilience in recapping this skill.


Science has seen us looking at how to group animals in different ways. We used Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort a variety of animals. We showed great curiosity to research animals that we weren't sure fitted a certain criteria.


For our Saxons topic, we learnt about the Seven Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon Britain. We plotted them on a map and discussed how the kingdoms were important during the Anglo-Saxon war with the Vikings. We also used oil pastels to create artwork of Anglo-Saxon ships at sea, which look absolutely fantastic!


In RE, we learnt about Jesus' life and considered how it can be viewed as inspiring and what we can take from it. Everyone was very tolerant and understanding about different beliefs in the classroom.

Thoughts of the week 04/09/20


The children have made an excellent start to the year. We have started our topic 'Who were the smashing Saxons?' by looking at where the Anglo-Saxons came from and what kind of jobs they had. We also sketched Anglo-Saxon houses and used techniques such as shading and smudging to make our drawings look realistic.


In English, we are learning about instruction texts. The children did very well in their cold writes, and have been considering the differences between verbal and written instructions. They all did really well drawing a picture based on the specific instructions from their partner and following instructions to create a bookmark.


Maths has seen us consolidate our knowledge of place value. We have had good discussions about how to accurately represent 3 and 4 digit number in a place value grid, and how to make sure we place numbers on both a marked and unmarked number line correctly.


'Living things and their habitats' is our focus in science, and we have learnt about how we know whether something is alive. Ask the children what MRS NERG stands for!


Verbal instructions practice

Take One Picture: Kandinsky's Composition VIII


We have started the year by using Kandinsky's Composition VIII to base our learning on during the first three days back. We used lots of cross-curriculum links to be really imaginative and creative!


We have recreated the artwork in a variety of different ways. First, we used crayons to create our own abstract pieces of art, with the children coming up with some fantastic shapes, patterns and blends of colours. We then tried to recreate Composition VIII on the computers using Microsoft Paint. Finally, our final pieces involved cutting shapes out from different coloured paper and card to create our own abstract artwork. The pieces were absolutely amazing, with spirals, hidden figures, faces and animals to be found, as well as some adventurous 3D creations!


We also based a piece of writing around the artwork, as it reminded us of a strange solar system. The children created their own planets, and planned lots of interesting names, designs and rules. This then formed our first piece of writing, with lots of brilliant descriptions used!


The various shapes linked to some Maths work, where the children hunted for different shapes in the picture. We also learnt about different sized angles and properties of shapes, as well as what makes a shape regular or irregular.


I have been so impressed with how hard they have all worked in this opening project. Keep up the great work and attitude!

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