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Class News

We have been looking at what makes a good friend and the qualities we need! Not only did Erin think of some excellent points but her work was also so beautiful that I felt it needed sharing!  Well done Erin! heart

Fun on the Farm!

Pine Class have been lucky enough to visit the farm over the last couple of weeks!! They have shown great teamwork and were so enthusiastic about helping out! smiley
I was beyond proud of this pieces of artwork this week!! I cannot believe how beautiful our watercolour sunsets have turned out! smileyheart
Year 5 loved using watercolours this week to create sunset images of an Egyptian landscape.  Their concentration was fabulous and they worked so hard!  Wait until you see the finished images!

Virtual Science Visit

Year 5 were lucky to have a visitor through Zoom this week!  It was a workshop all related to Science and it was so enjoyable!  We learnt all about pollution and how we can care for the environment and limit the amount of pollution in the world.  We also learnt about Road Safety and how we can make sure we are being safe on and around the roads.  The children loved it and loved taking part in the interactive parts!

A Mysterious Discovery!

This week, an exciting discovery was found in the forest area - a mysterious egg!  We will be reporting on it later on in the week so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Pine Class celebrates Macmillan!

Pine Class had a great morning celebrating the fantastic cause that is Macmillan this morning!  Not only did we get to raise money for such a worthwhile charity but we also got to.. eat cake! The children really understood how important the work is that Macmillan does but also definitely enjoyed the treats!! heart
In class, we are currently reading the book, 'Secrets of a Sun King'  and the children are loving it!  They are definitely finding it interesting and love our reading time at the end of each day!  At home, why don't you ask them what is happening and see what they can tell you? smiley
This week, we used fabric and fabric crayons to create artwork showing different Egyptian scenes linked to the River Nile.  We learnt about how important the River Nile was to the Egyptians for a variety of reasons, such as being used for transport and trading.  We loved using a different medium for our art!

A bit of drama..

This week, we have learnt about the different roles in Egyptian society. In groups, the children acted out the roles of Scribe, Fisherman, Farmer, Architect, Slave and Pharoah; with the rest of us having to guess who they were playing!  There are some definite future actors in Pine Class!

Sketching Egyptian Artefacts

Another part of our Engage Day included sketching some Egyptian artefacts.. I was amazed at some of the art skills displayed by Pine Class!!

Egyptian Dancing!

For the beginning of our topic, 'Can You Walk Like An Egyptian?', Pine and Rowan classes had an Engage Day to introduce the topic in a fun and exciting way.  Part of the day included Egyptian dancing on the playground!  The children loved it and showed fabulous Egyptian dancing skills! smiley

Take One Picture: Kadinsky Composition 8

We studied Kandinsky’s painting Composition 8 and created our own mini compositions based on 9 different genres of music! 
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