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Class news

We have been looking at Ancient Greek buildings. In DT,we have planned and built our own model Parthenon buildings using card and paper. We have used different ways of joining materials. 

This half term we are learning about Ancient Greece. Our question is: Would you rather be an Athenian or Spartan? 

The children have made a themselves into an Ancient Greek character and placed themselves onto a grid to show their vote. As we learn more about the difference between Athens and Sparta they may change their mind. You can see the grid on our Year 6 display in the 'Curriculum Corridor'. 


In Science we are learning about Light. This builds on our knowledge we learnt further down the school. We will be making periscopes so please send in empty cereal boxes. 



We have put our characters on the table to show where we would like to live. Some of us have changed our minds as we learn more about Athens and Sparta.
In maths we are working hard on using all four operations to solve calculations. We are thinking about whether to use mental or written methods. We will be moving on to solving word problems next.

Year 6 Residential


We had such a great time on the residential. You can see lots of photos from our trip in the quick links section of the website.

There’s a Rang-Tan in my classroom

Still image for this video
We have worked really hard on a project about Palm Oil. We have used the Greenpeace/ Iceland advert to begin our learning journey, we’ve researched ‘dirty’ palm oil and how sustainable palm oil can be used. We have wrote some of our own words to the poem, learnt and performed it. We hope our poem makes you think about the palm oil that you use.
We have seen some fantastic homework brought in this half term. A huge well done to all the children who have made such an effort. Here are some of the pieces of work the children have done on a computer. 

How Can We Help Our Planet?


This is the question that our topic this half term is asking us... so what are we doing?

Willow class have worked really hard looking into all kinds of global issues. Starting with deforestation in the Amazon to recycling in our own homes. What is something that can't be recycled in our regular recycling? Crisp packets. Willow class agreed that they do eat quite a few packets of crisps and see lots of other children with crisps in their packed lunches. So, where do all of the crisp packets end up? Over 11 million packets of crisps are produced every day by Walkers alone, that's a lot of empty crisp packets going to landfill sites. After doing some research Willow class have found that crisp packets can be recycled by a specialist company. We are going to do our bit to help our planet by collecting and recycling crisp packets. Any empty crisp packets you have at home can be brought into school to be recycled. We will send them away and collect points. We then will turn our points into money for school. What could be better than that!

Model Shelter Building

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