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Class news

Today we are converting between imperial and metric measurements!

We had some snow!

Some fantastic artwork being produced this afternoon, scratching our designs into our Greek vases to reveal the colours underneath!

We have been planning an investigation into heart rate this week, and today we went outside and recorded our heart rate at different points during our exercise!

We had a fantastic Science lesson today, making replica hearts and watching blood squirt out of the arteries!

Year 6 have made some delicious marshmallow snowmen for the Christmas fayre!

Today in Science we drew around ourselves and attempted to place various organs in the correct places on our body!

Today we have set up our experiment investigating which variables (tempertaure, amount of light and moisture levels) will allow for more mould to grow on our bread.

Some fantastic examples of homework so far, keep them coming!

Some hard working year 6's this afternoon, working on understanding the effects of deforestation in the Amazon.

Some absolutely fantastic work in science today, classifying our favourite animals using the Linnaean classification system!

Working hard on our art work this afternoon!

Welcome to class Sycamore!


Here you can find any important information, as well as regular updates of work the children are doing. 


Miss Hall :) 

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