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Class news

Hey everyone,

I know I promised an instalment of Cosmic.. I did record one tonight, went to upload it and the file was too big! surprise  so I will try and work out how long it needs to be, record again and then upload!  Sorry for the delay!  The story is coming! smiley
Hope you are all well! smiley


This may be a very uncertain time.. but one thing I am extremely certain of is how proud I am of Pine Class.  The kindness and support towards one another that they have shown over the last few days has been amazing and just proved to me what a delightful and lovely bunch of superstars they are.


I am still here for any support needed and I am excited to see examples of the work they will be producing over the coming weeks.  Please keep checking here for updates of examples of work which are sent in! smiley


The class have LOVED our class book, 'Cosmic', and have expressed how much they will miss hearing me read to them every day.  As a result, (and despite me hating hearing my voice recorded! blush), I am going to record myself reading a bit of the book every couple of days and upload it to this page.  The children could even send predictions as to what will happen next or their thoughts on what is happening to our Twitter page or through email!  So please keep checking this page, updates will be frequent! smiley


The children know how much I love Disney and I like to think of this as just the part of the Disney film where we have to overcome an issue before we are all reunited!

Keep smiling, keep working hard and see you all very soonheart

Celebrating Amazing Work!

Over the last couple of weeks, Pine Class have written non-chronological reports and setting descriptions based on our Space topic.  I have been so proud of the work they have produced and here are a few examples of some of the beautiful presentation and excellent writing they have been showcasing. smiley

Investigating Food for Space

We have been looking at the type of food astronauts took up into space and how they need to ensure they are thinking about a balanced diet!  We looked at all of the food groups and then tasted a variety of foods which fitted into each group!  We decided which food belonged in which group and then thought about whether we would include that food item in a meal for space!  The most popular food item was the chocolate I think.. closely followed by the cheese!

Rocky Road Meteorites!

For the 'Engage Day' for our new topic, we became Space Scientists for the day!  We took part in lots of different space activities, the best one being getting a bit messy making Rocky Road Meteorites!  It was fantastic to learn some new cooking skills and develop our teamwork!  It was even better to taste it afterwards! Yummy! heart

Welcome back for Spring 2!


I hope you all had a restful half term and are ready for another exciting term!  Our topic this term is "Does life exist on other planets?" and we have some great Space themed lessons ready!  


As always, any questions or concerns this term, please feel free to catch me at the beginning or end of the day! smiley

Space Topic Map

Raffle Ticket Winners!

For every 5 DoJos, Pine class get a raffle ticket and we always have a prize draw at the end of term!  These were our lucky winners today! They were very pleased!  


Pine Class have been amazing this term and have made so much progress, both academically and also in terms of working together as a class.  They have been getting so many DoJos for showing our Character Muscles and I am already excited for more next term!  Have a lovely half term guys! smiley

We used clay to make chicken eggs and then painted them.  We also used tissue paper to create a collage of a chicken!  We had so much fun with all of our art work this term! smiley

Getting Creative with Clay!

This week, we used our clay skills to make part of the chicken life cycle.  We used clay to make the egg, using the technique of making 'pinch pots' and then putting them together using water to smooth the edges!  It was messy.. but very fun!

Perspective Artwork

This week, we have created some beautiful pieces of artwork looking at the idea of perspective.  We used watercolours to paint our pictures once we had sketched them, before using our knowledge of the human life cycle to add silhouettes of the different stages in perspective on the picture.  The results were amazing!


Take a look below to see the artwork before the silhouettes were added! smiley

Visit to the Food Bank

Year 5 visited the local Food Bank this week and it was such an eye opening and interesting trip.  We saw where the food is stored, how it is stored and how it is then distributed to people.  We even got to have a go at putting dates on some of the items!


It was such a great opportunity to see how this amazing organisation works and to see just how hard people work to help it run smoothly!  

Charcoal Artwork

Year 5 recapped their prior knowledge of the life cycle of a frog.  We then used charcoal to create some fantastic pieces of artwork showing the different stages of the cycle.  They used thier artistic skills to shade and blend.  Here are some amazing examples of our brilliant Art work!

Welcome back for Spring 1!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I am glad to see you all back for the start of a new exciting term! smiley


We have lots of exciting and interesting lessons planned for you this term!  As always, my door is always open for any questions, queries or concerns you may have!


Miss Trickitt smiley

Engage Day!

We had a great day planting seeds as part of our Engage Day!  The majority of our lessons will be focussed on the life cycles of animals so it will be interesting to watch and learn about life cycles of plants alongside our animal lessons!


We will keep you posted on their progress! smiley

Spring 1 "What Came First.. The Chicken or the Egg?" Topic Map

Autumn 2 Pole to Pole Topic Map

Pine Class have been having so much fun making Christmas decorations ready for the Christmas Fair!  We had a great day getting crafty.. and we even played some Christmas songs! Christmas is coming! yes
As part of our Science topic this term, we have been looking at Materials and their Properties.  We had to investigate which materials made the bulb shine brightest when we set up a circuit!  We found that the foil and the coin were the best!

Welcome back to a new term!  We are so excited for all of the exciting work we have planned for this term and I have been so happy with the positive attitudes the children have displayed since being back! smiley


As always, check here for information and updates from Pine Class!

As part of our Engage Day to introduce our new topic, Year 5 became explorers and inspired by famous explorers, they took part in a treasure hunt around the school.  They had to find and solve clues, as well as identify what was in the zoomed in picture of an item relating to our topic!


Some found it tricky but eventually, we all solved all clues and the treasure was found.  It was... ICE POLES!  They were enjoyed by all and they definitely were engaged in our new topic! smiley

Engage Day Treasure Hunt!

Autumn 1 Ancient Egyptians Topic Map

Pine Class is full of artists!

Pine Class have been busy creating beautiful sunset artwork.  They were so enthusiastic using the watercolour pastels to blend colours together to create the sunset image and had so much fun creating the different silhouettes!


Look how beautiful they are! heart

Investigating Shapes!

Pine Class investigated 3D shapes in Maths.  We looked at how many edges, faces and vertices each shape had, before playing a guessing game in pairs!  Who said Maths can't be fun?! laugh

Quick update..


Pine's PE days are now Monday and Wednesday!  PE kit should be in school at all times anyway in case it is needed but if you could definitely make sure it is in on those days, that would be great! Thank you! smiley

What makes a good friend?

Pine Class have been thinking about they key question: What makes a good friend?


In groups, they discussed the qualities they feel made a good friend, before adding their ideas to our P4C working wall.  Some of the ideas were kindness, taking care of each other and being a good listener.


They also said that being a good friend means you make your friends feel good about themselves and you praise their skills.  We then came up with qualities and skills each person in the class had!  It was a lovely lesson and left the whole class feeling good about themselves! smiley

Dinosaur Discovery!

Last week, Pine Class heard that something mysterious had been spotted on the playground!  When they went out to investigate, they saw.. a dinosaur egg!  It was hidden in the bushes with some footprints surrounding it!  


They continued to investigate and found lots of other evidence around the playground! They were so excited about the lesson and wrote so much information down in their jotters!


This week, we will be writing newspaper reports on our discovery!  We can't wait to show you! smiley

Excellent English!

Today, Pine Class improved a newspaper report to make it more interesting and informative for the reader!  All the bits in red are the children's ideas and additions! I think they did a great job, don't you? smiley

Persuasive Speeches!

Trying to persuade the Pharaoh to save the Nile!
Trying to persuade the Pharaoh to save the Nile!
Trying to persuade the Pharaoh to save the Nile!

Pine Class got into groups and wrote persuasive speeches to the Vizier, trying to persuade him to go to the Pharaoh and ask for help in saving the River Nile!  They considered why it was important to many different people in Ancient Egypt, such as local fisherman, sailors, farmers and scribes.

They did a fantastic job and the Vizier was persuaded!

Why don't you ask the children at home about the different opinions of the Egyptian people and why they need the Nile? :)

Egyptian Food Tasting

Year 5 had a great time trying Egyptian food as part of our Engage Day!  They tried grapes, falafel, grape juice, feta cheese, pitta and garlic sauce!  They loved it and many of them discovered a new food they like!
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