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Class news

A love of learning.

Look at some of the fantastic learning that is happening away from school. Email your work or pictures to the school office.

Look on the home link star for some fun scavenger hunts to try over the Easter break. Happy searching!

Dear Class Ash and parents/carers,

It seems a little strange to be writing to you on here like this but I wanted to ensure that you all knew we are all here working together, to help each other during this unsettling time. The staff at Robert Bakewell really misses working with you all and we cannot wait until our learning journey together, can continue. I hope you and your families are staying safe and following the advice given to remain at home and keep a safe distance if you go out. Use this time to have fun with your family and do some wonderful activities you may not have tried before. Remember to share these with the school office so that I can add them to our web page. Parents please read the document sent on the home link star as it will explain the packs sent home last week. Also keep checking on the home link star each week as we will update new activities for you to complete. If you have any questions please contact me via the school office email and I will be in touch. I would like to use this opportunity to also thank parents and carers for all of your support.

Keep safe and see you all soon.


Mrs Odedra


Feathery Friends

The Reception children were fortunate to visit some new feathery animals that had been born at playgroup. Meet the little chicks that have recently hatched from eggs. Year 1 children were able to share their experiences of looking after eggs last year and watching tiny chicks emerging from the broken shells. The children also shared how over time the tiny fluffy chicks grew into the healthy hens that we currently have at Robbie's Farm.

Sport Relief 2020

Thank you very much in supporting the school to help raise money for Sport Relief. The children were really keen to run with our sports coach Mr Armeni on the running track. 

World Book Day 2020

Thank you very much in supporting 2020 World Book Day. The children looked amazing and have had a wonderful day sharing books with their friends and adults.

Sharing stories

Thank you to parents who attend our Tuesday and Thursday Reading Rangers Club. It's great to see the children enjoying reading with family.

The Perfect Pet

The children are having great fun exploring animals in the provision. The children have been keen to share their experiences of meeting animals through visits to the zoo, safari parks,farms, television programs, books and their own pets at home. Our focus this half term will be to find the perfect pet. Please feel free to send in photographs of pets that you have so that children can share these with the class. We will be providing lots of opportunities for children to meet a range of real animals throughout this topic. We will inform you of these in advance.

Class Ash won the attendance bear last week for 100% attendance all week so were treated to story time with Mr Bishop.

Shrove Tuesday

We have been learning about the Christian celebration of Shrove Tuesday and how it leads into the start of Lent, an important period leading up to Easter. The children helped write instructions on how to make pancakes and enjoyed following these to make some yummy pancakes with Miss Allan. The children also described their favourite toppings and have been making more pancakes throughout the week with play dough. Children have had fun trying to toss and catch their pancakes.

Chinese New Year

The children have been enjoying learning about some of the traditions and customs linked to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. We would like to thank the parents that were able to join us for our busy craft workshop. Take a look at the busy morning we have had.

Let it snow!

Twas a cold windy day at Robert Bakewell School, where children were busy learning and so were the staff. When all of a sudden the air became colder and suddenly the sky began to open and let tiny snowflakes flutter down to the ground. The children rushed to the window to see the flakes as they swirled and twirled down to the ground. The excitement was too much, so we opened the doors and let the children experience the snow first hand. It was a delight to see the children enjoy the snow.

Ship Ahoy!

The children have really enjoyed designing their own boats and then self selecting what they used to make them from reclaimed materials. The children used different methods of joining various parts of their boats together and were able to explain why they had chosen specific materials. Look at their designs.

The children could not wait to test their boats. Did they float or sink to the bottom? Take a look to see what happened.

What's the time class Ash

The children are exploring the language of time and are able to sequence activities they do over a day. The children are becoming more familiar with using analogue clocks to read o'clock times and enjoyed beating the computer to tell the time. Year 1 are also able to read half past times and are beginning to become familiar with quarter past and quarter to times on analogue clocks. We have also been looking at days of the weeks and months of the year.

Fun with Phonics

Thank you to parents that were able to stay and join in with our fun phonics workshop. The children were keen to share their phonics skills and enjoyed the various activities that were available. We hope parents took away some good ideas on how they can support their child at home. If you missed the session and would like some more information about how you can support your child at home please come and speak to me.

We're in the money!

The children are becoming more confident at identifying coins and understand that the colour of the coins help tell you which is worth more. They know that the gold coins are worth more than the bronze coins. They have taken a closer look at the numbers on the coins and are beginning to put coins in order of value. Children have also enjoyed using the coins to help purchase items from the shopping list game.

Ice Palace.

The children have really enjoyed making shelters for animals that live in polar regions. They were good at counting how many blocks they had used and talked about the different sizes of blocks too. Next week we hope to explore real ice and make more shelters for the animals.

Spotty maths.

The children have enjoyed using our home made numicon tiles to help us in maths this week. Reception children have been using the tiles to practice careful counting then using number lines to help guide formation if needed. Year 1 children have been using the tiles to add two numbers together to create their own addition sums. 

Do you want to build a snowman?

Now let's be honest, how many of you sang that title? Class Ash cannot wait for snow to arrive and are trying their best to encourage Jack Frost and Elsa to wave their magical fingers and bring us snow. We have been busy painting snowmen and making snowmen from playdough. The children have used the Ipad and taken their own photographs of their doughy friends.

Happy New Year

Welcome to a new decade! We cannot wait to continue our wonderful learning journey into 2020 and watch your children blossom and become more independent in their learning. Please read through our new topic maps as we try and answer the question 'Could you survive at the poles?' 

Penguin Pete

The year one children were fantastic in their production of 'Penguin Pete'. Our little stars continued to shine as elves and were amazing. I loved their little dance on the stage. Father Christmas would certainly want them in his workshop.

Christmas jumpers.

Thank you parents for supporting the Christmas Jumper Day charity. The children looked very festive and certainly got us in the mood for Christmas fun. We have raised lots of money to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Bakewell Bakers

The children have heard the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and were keen to make their own. Miss Allan had fun baking ginger bread snowmen with the children. Children learnt lots of new words linked to baking and are becoming familiar with some of the techniques used in simple baking.The room smelt delicious as the biscuits were being baked.

The Little Donkey

Words cannot express how proud we are of the children's performance in our nativity this year. The children have really enjoyed learning the songs and dance routines and have been eager to show you all. They shone like the little stars they are. I hope you continue to enjoy listening to the songs over the festive period.

Christmas is coming to Ash.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our classroom now. The children enjoyed listening to festive songs as we decorated the class tree. The children showed great teamwork skills and were proud of the end result.

The children are working hard on developing their mouse control on the computer. Look at the festive trees they have produced.

Panto Time!

Fee fi  fo  fum, watch out Jack, here we come!

The children has a great time at the panto and enjoyed cheering and booing at the fantastic cast. Even Mr Bishop made a stage debut!


Marvellous measuring

The children have begun to explore different aspects of measure this week. We are focusing on the language used in measure and have been focusing on length and height this week. Children are getting better at using practical equipment to help them measure with and some have begun to use rulers.


Autumn Walk

 Despite the wet weather the children embarked on their Autumn walk wearing wellies and waterproof coats. The children were given the secret mission of looking for clues that Autumn had arrived. Children had fun exploring the leaves looking for similarities and differences. They enjoyed feeling the thick oozy mud under their feet as we walked up through the woods. 

We remember.

 The children observed a minutes silence to remember those who have lost their lives in war. We spoke about how poppies are worn to help raise money to help families of soldiers. Children worked together to create our own waterfall of poppies.


The children made some new friends today. We had a visit from Aladdin and Aboo, hedgehogs from Barrow hedgehog rescue. The children were eager to stroke our spiky visitors and learn about how they could help other hedgehogs in the wild. Please ask your child to tell you about them. The children have also been reading some simple facts about them too.

Meet our happy hedgehogs


 Year 1 children have been looking at symmetry this week. They are becoming more familiar with the concept of symmetry as being the same on both sides. The children used shapes to create symmetrical pictures.

Happy Diwali

The children have really enjoyed learning about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. Children have become familiar with the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. They can tell you about how the ten headed demon Ravana was defeated by Rama with the help of Hanuman, the monkey king in order to rescue the beautiful Sita. Children also heard how for Sikhs the story of how Guru Hargobind Ji helped release 52 Hindu Princes from jail demonstrating his strong resilience. He used his growth mindset to think about how he could alter his cloak to allow 52 Princes to hold on to it Please ask your child to share these stories with you.


Children watched how a young girl called Jessica helped her family get ready for Diwali as part of the Cbeebies programme 'Let's Celebrate'. We also heard from children and staff within the class that celebrated Diwali with their families. On Tuesday we were joined by class Beech and Alder alongside parents to help celebrate Diwali with our family and friends. 

What changes do we see in Autumn?

 Our new topic this term will be focusing on changes that we see in the environment when the season of Autumn arrives. We will be looking at how and why the leaves on trees change colour and eventually fall and how some trees keep their lush green leaves. We will be looking at how the cold dark weather affects animals and how some animals begin to prepare for hibernation. The children will also be using wonderful autumnal colours in artwork and will focus on using natural resources in their work.


The children have been learning about patterns. We children love to sing along and dance to Banana, Banana, Meatballs. If you would like to see this and join in with your child please let me know. The children have said patterns out loud as well as use practical equipment to create repeating patterns.


The children had a visit from a local apple pressing organisation that helped turn our apples into delicious organic apple juice. The children helped harvest the apples from the school apples trees before washing them and help put them into the apple press. Children described the juice as 'yummy'. We recycled the remaining pulp into compost to help the trees grow more juicy apples next year. The children have watched a video on apples and know that there are a number of varieties and talked about which they liked best. We also used this opportunity to create adjectives about apples using our senses to help.

Enjoying the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have been learning to re tell the story using actions. Ask them to tell you the story.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones!

The children have been learning the names of some of the main bones in the human skeleton. They know where their skull, hip, spine and ribs are so far. They know that bones help keep our shape and protect important organs in our body. They have enjoyed making the skeleton with different media.

Funny Faces!

 The children have had a real laugh this week creating funny faces with a range of materials. The children are good at naming the different features that make up a face.


Meet our family of hens. We hatched them from eggs last Summer and are pleased to announce that they now lay eggs too! The children love to go and meet them and are learning how to take care of them.

Count on us.

 The children are getting better with their careful counting skills. Ask them to show you how we do this at school. Hopefully they will remember to tell you to touch and move the objects as you count them. The children have also be working on ordering numbers to 10.

The children have enjoyed listening to the story of The Rainbow Fish and have been making lots of new friends for the fish at our creative station.
The children are really exploring their new environment. They are making new friends each day and it is lovely to see how well they have settled into school. The Year 1 children have been amazing role models and I am so proud of them all.
Welcome to the next chapter in your child's learning journey. We hope they have been telling you all about the fun they have been having at school so far. We are so pleased with how well they have settled into school and look forward to helping them grow as learners.
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