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Rise Day in the Outwoods. Pictures on Mrs Duncan's class page

In Maths we have been learning about types of triangles. Miss Hayden told us about the evil Trianglord, who has ordered the triangaliens to steal all triangle shaped objects from Earth. The scalene triangles are the really evil ones to watch out for. We designed wanted posters so everyone knows what to look out for. 

Have a look through at the pictures to see the triangles we made on the pegboards. Can you name each one?

'Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo.'

4H and 5R have been taking part in DioSing! this year and are currently working towards a performance of Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo. The children have been invited to perform at All Saints and Holy Trinity church on 29th June. We hope everyone can make it. (Parents should have a letter about this.)

If you want to rehearse at home, here is a link to the Loughborough Children's Choir website where you can get the lyrics and the backing tracks.


This morning we went to Tesco to find out about where our food comes from. It was very interesting, we liked going into the warehouse. We even went into the fridge and freezer - but not for long! Then we went into the bakery and looked at the equipment. 


"I loved going in the freezer!" shivered Tanya.

"I liked it when we got to taste the food," gobbled Euan.

"I liked it when we got in the big lift," exclaimed Oskar.

"I learnt that some cereals have lots of sugar in. The highest one I found was Frosties. The lowest amount of sugar was in Weetabix," explained Mia.  

In science we are learning about classifying plants and animals. We have been outside to collect specimens of invertebrates. We used a classification key to identify our specimen. 
We have enjoyed a special lunch to celebrate The Queen's birthday. 

Charcoal Flowers

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Our next topic is all about how plants grow and what they need to survive. We will also be learning about classifying plants and animals. 

Can you draw a picture of something growing in your house and garden? What do you have to give a plant to keep it alive? Are all plants the same? Can you think of different ways to group them?

Comparing Decimal Numbers


We have been playing games with our Number Partners.

Forces and Magnets

Our next topic is Forces and Magnets. We will be learning about using forces in different ways and how magnets work. What do you already know about forces? Have you got any toys at home that use forces or magnets?

In English we have been learning about Journey stories. We have read 'Simp' which is about a little dog that gets abandoned at a rubbish dump. Today we worked in groups to create a freeze frame from the story. Then we interviewed each other to find out about the character's feelings. We were all able to speak in role and gave good clear answers about our feelings.

Robert Bakewell

We have been learning about Robert Bakewell. We found out about his selective breeding techniques. We have looked carefully at his portrait and used our sketching and painting skills to create our own version. 

Cyber Smart


We did some dancing using Cyber Smart this morning. We had to think carefully about tensing our muscles when doing body popping. 

As part of our current topic 'There's No Place Like Home' we went to visit Calke Abbey. We learnt what it was like to live there. 

Adventurers and Explorers!

This half term we are learning about different explorers and their adventures. We are going to find out about lots of people who discovered new things. 

As part of an on going homework project, I would like you to find out about a famous scientist. See if you can find out about how something was invented. Over the next few weeks put together a poster or a booklet or maybe even a PowerPoint to show the class.

Year 3 and 4 Rocks, Stones and Bones. Spring 2016.

We are starting to learn some Christmas Carols for our 'Carols around the Chrsitmas Tree concert'. 

In the word document below there are links to the YouTube videos we use in class, you can have a practise singing them at home! 

We are starting a new Science topic. We are going to be finding our about light. Including how light travels, where light comes from and how shadows are formed.

We played a game in our Grammar lesson. We had to sort the words into different word classes and then put them together to make silly sentences.

We did a freeze frame showing part of the story of Romulus and Remus.

Year 4 Roman Roads

We have been learning about the roads the Romans built. We built our own edible roads using different ingredients to represent the different materials the Romans used for each layer. 
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