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School Structure

School Structure


Organisation of classes:                               


Children in Reception and year one are based in our brand new, purpose built school annexe. They are in single age classes. Children in years two - six are based in the main school building. In year two, they are taught in two, single age classes. In key stage two, there is a mixture of single age and mixed age classes, according to numbers in year groups. Details are shown below. All children are taught maths in small, single age groups.


Classes 2016 - 2017:


Reception 1:                Mrs Odedra

Reception 2:                Miss Hogg

Year One:                     Miss Fielder

Year One:                     Mrs Gower

Year Two:                     Mrs Thomas & Mrs Wood

Year Two:                     Miss Breeze

Year Three:                   Mrs Duncan

Year Three/Four:         Miss Kilby

Year Four:                     Miss Hayden

Year Five:                      Miss Gillon & Mr Simmons

Year Five/Six:                Miss Rushby

Year Six:                         Miss Lancaster