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Meet the Staff

Staff List: 2016 - 2017




Miss Parkinson                      Headteacher

Mr Simmons                          Deputy Headteacher and Year 5 class teacher

Mrs Gillon                              Head of Learning and Teaching and Year 5 class teacher

Miss K Hayden                       Phase Two Co-ordinator and Year 4 class teacher

Mrs Gower                             Phase One Co-ordinator and Year 1 class teacher

Mrs Davies                             Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs Odedra                            Reception class teacher

Miss Hogg                               Reception class teacher

Mrs Carter                              Outdoor learning teacher

Miss Fielder                            Year 1 class teacher

Mrs Thomas                           Year 2 class teacher

Mrs Wood                              Year 2 class teacher

Miss Breeze                            Year 2 class teacher

Mrs Duncan                            Year 3 class teacher

Miss Kilby                                Year 3/4 class teacher

Miss Rushby                            Year 5/6 class teacher

Miss Lancaster                        Year 6 class teacher

Mr Fahey                                 PPA teacher

Mrs Barber                              PPA teacher

Mrs Mawby                            Specialist reading teacher

Miss Compton                        Nursery Nurse / Unqualified Teacher

Mrs Williams                           French Teacher

Mrs Hurdley                             HLTA (maths and ICT specialist) and ICT Technician


Teaching Assistants


Mrs Biles, Mrs Booth, Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Cox, Mrs Dudeney, Miss E Hayden,  Mr Murray, Mrs Neale, Mrs Onions, Mrs Perry, Mrs Rutherford, Mrs Seagar, Mrs Tedds, Miss Hall, Miss Price


Office Staff


Mrs Rex, Miss Rowley, Mrs Sanders


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Biles, Mrs Dobson, Mrs Kilby, Mr Murray, Mrs Neale, Mrs Thirkell, Ms Watret, Mrs Harper, Miss Oxford, Miss Hall




Mr Simpson

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