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The Big Bad Wolf is on the loose! 2H have produced news reports to inform everyone what to do. Follow their instructions and you will know how to set a trap to catch him!

2H Big Bad Wolf News

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Today 2H took part in The Big First Aid Lesson. We watched the live video and learnt about what to do if someone burns themselves or is choking. We also learnt how to call for emergency help. 

These are all really important skills. Well done 2H. 

Big First Aid Lesson

Big First Aid Lesson 1
Big First Aid Lesson 2
Big First Aid Lesson 3
Big First Aid Lesson 4

Wow what a busy first half term! The first few weeks of the year have flown by. All the children have made a fantastic start to the year and have risen to the challenge of year 2. We have had a fantastic first half term learning about shelters. We learnt the traditional tale,'The Three Little Pigs' and even wrote our own versions of the story. We investigated different materials to build shelters with. We made shelters for little dinosaurs, we used different materials to keep the dinosaurs warm and dry. We even built shelters big enough for us to sit in. Mr Taylor tested to see if our shelter worked and sprayed it with water, some people got wet! 


I am am so proud of all the fantastic work the children have done so far. Here are some photos of our first half term. 

Year 2 are out of this world!

This half term we learning all about space. The children have come up with lots of questions for us to find out about. They have already spent some time doing some research on the internet. 

Well done to all of the children who brought in fabulous models that they haven made over half term. There are some brilliant spaceships and aliens! 

Half term homework

Half term homework 1