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Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!


I am so proud, shocked and amazed at the generosity of the class and parents in 2G. The photos show all of the things that we have collected for homeless through our reverse advent calendar. We also had some donations from other children from other classes.


Josh's  Mum has helped find a few contacts and we are going to deliver everything on Friday. There is a lady called Corrie who hands out snacks directly to the homeless on the streets in Leicester city centre, there is another contact who will cook all of the food and provide a hot meal for the homeless on the streets, there are 2 homeless shelters where we can deliver the toiletries.


I truly feel overwhelmed and hopefully you feel so proud of yourselves. A little will go a long way this Christmas time!!


If you have any last minute donations please bring them tomorrow (21st).


Thank you soooooooo much 

Mrs Gowersmiley

Reverse advent calendar-Wooooowwwwwwww!!!

Wrapping paper

Ohhhhhh no Mrs Gower has been watching Kirstie Allsopp's Christmas ideas!! She now has us all creating our own wrapping paper.

We looovvveedd it!! smiley

Wrapping paper craziness!! 7.12.17

Snow, snow and more snow!!!

When it snows there is only one thing for it and that is to have a snowman competition.

We were so proud of our finished snowmen. smileysad

Christmas experience

After a lovely, fresh, winter walk we finally arrived at All Saints Church.

There were 6 stations and we learnt more about how Christian people celebrate Christmas. We all had a great time and enjoyed all of the crafts at each station.

We are all looking forward to the Easter experience.surprise

Shelter building challenge!!

What an amazing and exciting afternoon we had!! We were buzzing and bouncing all the way over the field to the woodland area of the school grounds. Mr Taylor came in to help us and brought with him some tarpaulin, string and tools to build our shelters. We watched how to do it first and got some ideas and then it was our turn. The challenge was to make a shelter which gave us shade, kept us warm and kept us dry. We split into 2 teams (Team GS and Team T). How exciting it was!!


The results

Team GS successfully made a shelter which gave shade and it was big enough to keep the whole class dry (when Mr Taylor didn't spray it underneath!!surprise). We are not sure how warm we would be after a while though angel.


Team T had a great idea and successfully made a shelter but the wind grabbed hold of it and the bucket was not heavy enough to keep it down. They sat some children on the edge to hold it down but wow they all got wet when they let go of the edge sad.


We had sooooooo much fun!!



Shelter building fun!!!!!

ICT challenge. Can you create a building, animal and person using a control program?

Shelter building fun in year 2!!

The challenge was to build a shelter for one of the three little pigs and keep him dry, protected from the sun and warm. We had a great afternoon and we had some superb ideas. We can't wait to build some children sized shelters. smiley

Piggy shelter building. Can you keep him dry??

Construction shelter building!!

Welcome back to school 2G

Another month on and a new school year begins. It's a little bit different for 2G as we are all still together yay!!! I'm looking forward to an exciting year together.


We are beginning the year with our 'Shelters' topic. We will look at the three little pigs story and make our own versions, build shelters for the pigs and even build shelters for ourselves later in the half term. Watch this space for pictures the of all of the fun we have and of our learning!!!