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Up ,Up and Away


Our topic this term is called Up, Up and Away. Through this we will be visiting a different continent each week in our hot air balloons! We will be having lots of fun understanding what landmarks and countries look like from an aerial view. We will also be making lots in DT and art!

Piper the Polar Bear


We had so much fun last half term learning all about the Poles and which animals lived where.

We talked as a class and voted to adopt either a penguin or a polar bear. The class vote was for a polar bear and Piper was the name we chose. He clearly had a long way to travel and took a little while to arrive. He loves living in 1G's classroom and he is enjoying learning all about Robin Hood. He is a little sneaky some days and we have to hunt for him in the tree houses.




Piper the polar bear

Piper the polar bear 1
Piper the polar bear 2

Robin Hood Fun!

We have had so much fun this week with our two Robin Hood days! The children carried out a range of activities to help them understand how Robin Hood and his Merry Men lived. The children were surprised by a scrolled up, very old looking letter that had been sent. Miss Fielder was a little afraid to open it but the children were very brave and encouraged her! The letter was from the Sheriff ordering the children to write wanted posters to help him find Robin Hood, the children know that the Sheriff is a very greedy and mean man so they did exactly as he ordered! The children also learnt how Robin Hood may have lived in Sherwood forest, building shelters out of sticks they had hunted for around the field and playground. They built arrows and learnt how to safely shoot a bow and arrow, this was very fun!! Mrs Gower had also turned into the Sheriff on the day (although she was a lot more kind than the real Sheriff), ordering the children to pay for the materials to build something for Robin Hood. There was a list of prices on the board, one even said they had to pay for help! The children were absolutely brilliant with money and worked extremely well as a team to build models! Over the two days we also had great fun making a tasting soup, the children learnt how to cut vegetables up safely and it was very exciting getting to taste a little bit of it when it was all made, some even came back for seconds it was so good!! We ended our fantastic couple of days by recording a new just dance, where the children dance along to music, Miss Fielder and Mrs Gower are going to work hard to make this into a video and hopefully add it to the website! The children had a brilliant couple of days and they will be able to tell you so much more about Robin Hood now! They also all looked absolutely in their costumes, thank you. smileysmiley

World Book Day

Hi 1G,


Don't forget this week is 'World Book Day'


Which character will you dress up as?

Don't forget to bring the book with you so that we can see you and your book.


It would be lovely to share all our favourite books together!!




Poles Apart curriculum map

Great Fire of London display

Thank you for helping make our amazing display smiley


Pic to follow