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The children have been extremely lucky this week with plenty of visitors and on Tuesday we had Denis from the RNLI come to visit us to teach us all about the importance of staying SAFE near to water. The children listened extremely well and we all learnt so much! Denis was extremely impressed with all of the children and he even left us a special little Paddington Bear to remember his visit. Ask your children all about how they can stay SAFE near to water!smiley

Welcome to Class 1F! 

Welcome to class 1F! We have already been so busy in Year 1 getting stuck right back into our learning and Miss Fielder is already super proud of us all! This term our topic is called 'I Need a Hero', it has a history focus where we will be learning all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will also be learning about people who help us and we are very lucky because we have a few visitors coming in to teach us including firefighters, the RNLI and guide dogs.


We have been very busy in English on our first week back, we have learnt how to write labels and begin to structure simple sentences. We were so good at writing labels that we even created and designed our very own superhero that we labelled and then wrote sentences about! 


In maths we have been looking at number and place value, we have had lots of fun exploring numbers and practising counting to 20, some of us have even been counting to 100!! The children had very important jobs because someone made a mistake when they made number lines and number squares, they missed out some of the numbers! The children worked hard to solve this problem and filled in all of the missing numbers. 


The topic map is attached below which will give you an insight into all of the areas that we will cover this term. If you have any questions or would like to speak to myself, please pop in for an informal chat after school. Enjoy looking at the pictures to see all that we have been getting up to this past week!frown

Twycross Zoo

We had so much fun on our trip to Twycross Zoo! We saw so many different animals and learnt lots about them. We saw elephants, giraffes, gorillas, butterflies, parrots and tropical birds to name a few. It was a brilliant day that all of the children thoroughly enjoyed and although it was the hottest day of the year, we kept nice and cool in shaded areas! Here are some pictures of us!smiley

Multiplication Arrays

We have been working really hard this term to improve our multiplication skills. We have been grouping objects to support us and also creating arrays. The children have worked extremely hard and can now all multiply by 2, 5 and 10! Ask your children to show you how they have been working! smiley

Writing like a Superhero

The children have been working extremely hard to write like a superhero! You will often hear the children  saying that they draw pictures to practise writing their stories and here are pictures of the children doing exactly this! Drawing pictures is an extremely effective way to help the children to learn the sequence and important skills involved in a range of types of writing, including fiction and non-fiction. The children have created their own superhero with powers and villain to go into their stories! Come in and have a look at their brilliant writing up on display! Well done 1F, I was extremely proud of your planning and writing. 


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Superhero Sketching

We have had lots of fun learning about superheroes this term and as part of this we sketched some pictures of superheroes. These superheroes were going on an adventure, an adventure to a continent! The children worked extremely hard thinking about the name of the seven continents and a place within them that they could draw. They made their superheroes out of lolly sticks and then stuck these onto their drawings. We had plenty of pictures of the Pyramids in Africa and also of London in Europe! Have a look at some of the children's brilliant pictures. There is also a display of these in the classroom if you would like to come in and find your child's! 

Fantastic Fractions

In maths we have been learning about fractions. The children were fantastic at this and all children know how to find half of a shape, objects and number and also a quarter of a shape, objects and number. Some children even know how to find three quarter and a third! We carried out a range of activities to practise finding fractions including; making paper pizzas (this made us feel very hungry)l, colouring fractions and drawing fractions on the playground to name a few. Have a look through our pictures and ask your children about fractions at home!smiley

Up, Up and Away

Our topic this term is called Up, Up and Away. Through this we will be visiting a different continent each week in our hot air balloon! We will be having lots of fun understanding what landmarks and countries look like from an aerial view. We even have our own hot air balloon in our class, the children will be able to go on lots of their own adventures and tell their own adventure stories here! Thank you for completing the children's fantastic homework project with them, the hot air balloons look brilliant on display! smiley

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In science we carried out an investigation! We had an important question that needed answering for Mrs Rex. She needed to order some new gloves and wanted to find out what size gloves to order and so wanted to know if children with bigger feet would need larger gloves. The children began by making a prediction, there were very mixed views on the answer to this question. We then got thinking about how we were going to investigate this and find the answer scientifically. We decided that the best way to do this would be to measure children's hands and feet and then collect all of our findings. We decided that it was important that we do not just measure children in our class, that we needed to measure older children and adults to make this a fair test. Our findings, which we took to Mrs Rex, were that children with bigger feet would need larger gloves! 

Telling the Time

This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time! We decided to take our learning outside on Thursday and drew some clocks onto the playground. The children are all confident at telling the time to o'clock and half past. Some of use can tell the time to quarter past and quarter to and some of us can even tell the time to 5 minute intervals! Ask your children to tell the time at home so they can keep practising! Well done 1F frown

Sunny Science

Class 1 have had a great time this afternoon investigating science in the sun! We started off our afternoon by practising our high frequency words. We didn't do this how you would expect, we did it using water! The children were given paintbrushes and pots of water to practise writing sentences on the playground that include their high frequency words. The children soon learnt that the water was disappearing so quickly and they didn't have chance to show Miss Fielder or Miss Hayden their beautiful work! This led to us learning all about evaporation. Ask your children about this and they will be able to tell you all about it. In the second part of our afternoon we learnt all about shadows and hows they are formed. We all had great fun pulling funny poses on the playground and drawing round each others shadows. Have a look through all our fantastic pictures! smiley


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Time Capsule

This week at school we have been very busy thinking about what our world will look like in 50 years time. The children came up with some fantastic ideas including; flying cars, baths with taps that turn themselves on, glass pyramids and houses that float in the air! We drew all of our ideas down onto paper ready to go into a time capsule that we had been asked to make by the people at Maxwell's. We were also very, very lucky as we were asked to go down to Maxwell's to watch them bury the time capsule and the Mayor and Mayoress of Loughborough were there to help us! It was all very exciting and we even managed to get our picture in the local newspaper. The children were very excited at the thought of digging up the time capsule to see if all their ideas happen in 50 years time!

Mini Mudder

We have had so much fun today raising money for Comic Relief. The children decorated their cakes and enjoyed hot chocolate whilst eating them. They also had fun designing their own red noses. BUT the best part of the day was taking part in the mini mudder!! The children absolutely loved it and Miss Fielder and Miss Parkinson joined in with them too! Everyone got very, very muddy and did very well over all of the obstacles. The children all had massive smiles on their faces and loved every minute of it! We have definitely made memories in class 1F today!frown

Sherwood Forest Trip

We had so much fun on our trip to Sherwood Forest this week! We were greeted as we got off the bus by one of Robin Hoods merry men which was very exciting. The first activity that we carried out was shelter building. This was absolutely brilliant and the children were set a challenge to make their shelter big enough to fit all of them in their group and it also had to pass the water test. This is where Miss Fielder came with a bucket of water and poured it over the top! The children were very lucky and built brilliant shelters so none of them got wet, Mr Willbond however was not quite so lucky. The children all crowded round to watch as Miss FIelder poured a bucket of water over the shelter Mr Willbond built (he was convinced his would be the best and would be completely waterproof) only for him to get soaked!! After lunch we were given the guided tour of Sherwood Forest by one of Robin Hoods merry men. We were shown a wishing tree where the fairies live and even got to see the Major Oak! The children all got to go inside the Minor Oak too! We had so much fun that quite a few of us fell sleep on the bus on the way home! 


In PE this week we have been improving our ball skills. The children have been practising throwing and catching a range of different balls and sizes, some children even managed to add a clap or even two claps in before they caught the ball! We have also learnt how to bounce a ball and walk whilst bouncing it, remembering to not only look at the ball but also around us to make sure we don't bump into anyone! Fantastic work year 1! smiley


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Outdoor Learning

The weather was so beautiful on Wednesday that we decided to take our learning outdoors! The children learnt some fantastic team working skills, they went into the woodland area and found lots of sticks that they then used to make shelters. We spoke about how this is what Robin Hood would have done, gone into the forest and found sticks to build shelters to hide from the Sheriff and the rich. The children also made their very own bow and arrows! This was great fun and they learnt to securely tie string. We had a fantastic afternoon, finished by the children showing Miss Fielder how fantastic they all are at balancing on the trim trail as a warm up before our PE lesson!no

Place Value

Today we went into the computer suite to have some fun with maths! We have been working on place value and the children carried out a shark activity on the computer to consolidate their learning. The children were brilliant!

High Frequency Words

We have been focusing on learning to spell our high frequency words this week. These are words that the children will use a lot in their writing, there are 100 words but a few examples are; the, because, there, she, he, and, to, where, they, this, that. The children were using big chalks to draw these words onto the playground, Miss Fielder then wrote these words using really big letters so the children could jump across them saying each letter to learn the spelling. You could help your children by practising these words at home, practise spelling them and also writing them in simple sentences. I'm sure the children would love to show off their fantastic writing!no 


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Robin Hood Fun!

We have had so much fun this week with our two Robin Hood days! The children carried out a range of activities to help them understand how Robin Hood and his Merry Men lived. The children were surprised by a scrolled up, very old looking letter that had been sent. Miss Fielder was a little afraid to open it but the children were very brave and encouraged her! The letter was from the Sheriff ordering the children to write wanted posters to help him find Robin Hood, the children know that the Sheriff is a very greedy and mean man so they did exactly as he ordered! The children also learnt how Robin Hood may have lived in Sherwood forest, building shelters out of sticks they had hunted for around the field and playground. They built arrows and learnt how to safely shoot a bow and arrow, this was very fun!! Mrs Gower had also turned into the Sheriff on the day (although she was a lot more kind than the real Sheriff), ordering the children to pay for the materials to build something for Robin Hood. There was a list of prices on the board, one even said they had to pay for help! The children were absolutely brilliant with money and worked extremely well as a team to build models! Over the two days we also had great fun making a tasting soup, the children learnt how to cut vegetables up safely and it was very exciting getting to taste a little bit of it when it was all made, some even came back for seconds it was so good!! We ended our fantastic couple of days by recording a new just dance, where the children dance along to music, Miss Fielder and Mrs Gower are going to work hard to make this into a video and hopefully add it to the website! The children had a brilliant couple of days and they will be able to tell you so much more about Robin Hood now! They also all looked absolutely in their costumes, thank you. smileysmiley


This afternoon we went into the ICT suite to go onto the computers. The children thought about their favourite book character or page of a book and drew a picture of this onto the computer. They then wrote either who the book character was or why that was their favourite part of a story. Here is their super work! smiley 

World Book Day

We have had lots of fun today and carried out a range of activities to celebrate World Book Day. We have written book reviews, read with Year 3, designed a character and even made the character! The children all looked absolutely fantastic in their costumes. smiley

Broken Umbrella!

This afternoon we had a really big problem in 1F, someone had broken Miss Fielder's umbrella! There were so many holes in it and there was no way of being able to use it again, which the children were very concerned about, especially with how bad the weather is! The children all worked very hard investigating with a range of materials including glass, paper, cotton, plastic and masking tape to try and fix the umbrella. They were faced with lots of problems, the cotton was not waterproof, the glass would not bend and also the paper would not be waterproof! The children worked so hard all afternoon and eventually we worked as a class to fix the umbrella, we found that the plastic bag would be best as it was waterproof and we would need the masking tape to stick it. The best part of the afternoon was going out to test if the umbrella was properly fixed! As you can see the children were very excited that we managed to fix it! Fantastic investigation work and problem solving 1Fsmiley


This week the children have been carefully sketching pictures of Robin Hood. The children had a choice of which picture they would like to sketch into their art books. They look incredible because the children really took their time and their attention to detail was super! 

Capital Letters

In English this week we have been practising forming our capital letters. The children carried out some capital letter exercises where they had to follow the dance moves to form the capital letters. They had lots of fun with this! The children then carried out different matching activities to show the difference between capital and lower case letters. Finally the children created their own capital letter alphabet mat that I am going to stick on their tables. The children will then always be able to relate to these in their writing to remind them how they are formed. They look absolutely fantastic, even better than the ones I had on the table before! Well done 1Fsmiley

Robin Hood


Our topic focus this term is Robin Hood. The children will be learning all about folk tales and what they are, castles and the story of Robin Hood. We have had lots of fun so far, the children have their very own Sherwood Forest in the classroom. They can dress up as Maid Marian or Robin Hood and tell their own stories or relax in the forest and read a book from our book corner. The children are also very excited that they are going to be visiting Sherwood Forest this term and we are going to be having our very own Robin Hood day! I am very impressed with all of the children's tree houses that they built for their homework. They look absolutely fantastic on our display and so many visitors have commented on how spectacular they are, thank you! 

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Number Bonds


This week in maths we have been working very hard to learn our number bonds to 10 (some children even know their number bonds to 20)! The children carried out a range of activities to practise with some working with Miss Hayden to play matching games and they had to find the person who had their number bond to 10. Some played number bond bingo! This was a very noisy game as there were lots of shouts of bingo! Other children had to find all of the number bonds to 10 in a number search. I am very proud of ALL the children and how hard they have worked with this! smiley



We had some very important news to report today, a polar bear called Mr White and five penguins called Mr Pilchard-Brown, Mrs Pilchard-Brown, Peeky, Poots and Pog were spotted on a gondola in Italy! It was all very exciting and a man nearly fell into the water! The children worked in groups to report all of this exciting news, ready to write their newspaper reports up. Their work was absolutely fantastic and so many children managed to get their work up onto the proud tree! Well done 1F, I am super, super impressed with the spectacular progress you are making with your writing. smiley Here are some videos of us being reporters. 


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Coco's House


The children had been noticing that Coco did not have a home to live in and that he was living in Miss Fielders pocket! This afternoon we worked in groups to build a house for Coco. The children were given a range of different card, a cardboard box, scissors, glue and cotton wool. I was very impressed with how creative they were when they were building their igloo and how well they worked in a team to make them so fantastic! Miss Rowley came into our class later on to help Coco choose which house he wanted to live in this week. She found it very very difficult to choose and could not believe how hard all of the children had worked. Coco is very happy with his new house complete with a bed, a mirror, some meat and lots of notes to keep him happy and cosy. Well done 1F! smiley



We have a new class member this term, his name is Coco and he is a polar bear! We have adopted him and have learnt lots about how we can look after him. He is on our dinner register but the children have been very good and reminded the cooks that he will only eat meat as he is a carnivore. We have learnt about polar bears and written fact files, their work was amazing! We will be doing lots more learning about polar bears, where they live and how we can help to look after them.

Picture 1
This term our topic is called 'Poles Apart', we are learning all about the Arctic and Antarctic. Thank you for your hard work helping the children to build their igloos, they look fantastic on display! We also now have our own reading igloo, it is very warm inside, if you ask your children they will be able to tell you why! 
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Picture 2

Poles Apart curriculum map

Thank you for our amazing display smiley


Pic to follow